Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Korea D9 Pt2 : Free Market, Hello Kitty Cafe

Oh yeah. Then we went to Free Market!

Let's go!

She is drawing on a glass!

Looks kinda cool.



So many stalls!

With so many stuff to see!


What shop is that?

Ohh. This one is Hello Kitty Cafe! :D

Let's go inside!

The menu

Cute stuff!

T-shirts? Awww.

The counter

The doll!! :D

Ordered! We wanted to buy waffles but they were all sold out!

Lepak lepak

Omo omo

More kitties!

Let's see the toilet!


So cute laaa


The dining area

Hellooo!! HELLO!! :D

Up the stairs to the tables

What are they doing?

Busy staffs

1100 TO 2400

Then we walked back home! #standforsomething

Superbar Super7


The park in front of our guesthouse

We took a break before we went out again to meet Seongjin :)

Next post!! 

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