Friday, September 06, 2013

Of Forensic, Result and Text Messages

This morning we had a lecture and demonstration on Evidence Management by HTAA Forensic Consultants, Dr. Nor Zaimah and Dr. Sri Marni.

If you watch CSI, you know that the forensic people carry a suitcase when they go to inspect the crime scene. Wanna know what's inside it? 

They have all sorts of things like syringes, specimen bottles, thermometer, forms etc.

Cool stuff.

The Medical Officer talked and explained to us


Then the Medical Assistant showed us Polis 61 and Polis 59 forms

And other stuff like swabs, PPE, specimen containers etc.

Then the brothers' turn to see

Smile, Faddy! :D
The first week of Forensic is now over! We have one more week before we go into Psychiatric posting.

Oh. I got my result slip already. I accidentally tore the paper apart. I couldnt find a cellophane tape so... yeah. Hahaha

And here's another funny story. Last few days, I got text messages from my friend, asking about the guy I 'liked'.

He is one funny guy!
Okay okay I'll play along.

Choose one possible answer for his question.

A) I liked the guy but I never tell him that.

B) I liked him but he didnt like me back. 

C) The guy only exists in my imagination.

D) Seriously.. what guy?!

Now take your pick ;)

Even if I DO like someone, what do you expect from me? I am not gonna tell you his name! Or where did I meet him. I dont even tell my bestfriends that!

I said IF I really do like someone. I am not saying that I am, for the moment.

Well. Maybe I do? Hahahaha

Okay okay I am done playing. Now get back to workk!!!!

ps. I am sure that the friend of mine who sent me those texts is reading this post as well. Don't worry, I deleted your texts from my phone already! 

But if you feel like asking me about 'him' again, I will take a screenshot of your texts and post it here, with your name and your phone number clearly visible to the public. How does that sound? :)

pps. I'll update about Korea later. It takes quite some time to upload the pictures. So please wait patiently :)


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