Monday, September 30, 2013

Of the Grand Ward Round

Our group's turn for Grand Ward round is tomorrow morning. We have assigned three patients to each one of us. My patients are a Chinese aunty who was electively admitted for bilateral knee replacement (she had knee osteoarthritis for 8 years) and 2 Malay makciks with big toe abscess and leg ulcer respectively. Both patients have uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus.

We had two long case sessions with Mr.Shuk and Mr.Amin this morning. We have discussed on Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Closed Fracture and Abscess. In the evening after Zuhur, we had to attend seminar on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Seronegative Arthritis, supervised by Mr.Shahidan.

And tonight, we have to go on-call, to cover all new admissions to our assigned wards (2A, 4A). I'll go a bit later, maybe after Isya'. It's not my turn for oncall in the schedule, so I'll just go to check for new cases.

I wonder how the housemen can survive working in the hospital, with a lot of patients to cover. I only have three patients, and I already feel like it's a lot!

Sometimes I wish I am doing something else other than medicine. Like drawing, or doodling, or creating graphic projects, dealing with computers and drawing boards. Something artsy rather than science-y.

Two more years. Just be patient for two more years, ok! FIGHTINGGG!!!!!

This evening, I had received news from a close friend of mine, he said that his father is not feeling well so he has to go and pay him a visit. The medical student inside of me felt like asking him what are his father's complaints, his symptoms, duration of the illness and the list of questions that we students are taught to memorise by heart. I wanna know if his father has any heart problems like he did, whether his father is on any medications, his past hospitalisations, medications and many more.

But of course, I didnt ask him that. He has a lot of things to handle right now. The last thing he needs is for me to poke my nose into his business.

I wanna tell him that Allah will not give burden to someone more than he can bear, but he doesnt believe in God. I wanna tell him that patience brings the reward of Jannah, but he doesnt believe in that either. So I told him that everything will be alright. I pray for everything to be alright. I really do. He is very dear to me. I am going to be really really sad if anything happens to him. Or his family. 

Ahhh I feel like crying now. Excuse me for being so emotional today. Hehehe

Now I have to go take a shower, pray, take a nap and then go to the hospital after Isya'. Need to look for any new patients. And I gotta get back home early tonight. Have to prepare summary for all the cases.

And I have to wake up early tomorrow! And get to the hospital early! Dont wanna be late any more!

Okayy byebyee. You have a good dayy!!!

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