Thursday, September 26, 2013

Of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Optometry Clinic

First of all, here is an interesting stuff I found in the ward today:

All flesh and blood!

ps. I assisted the nurses to change his dressings ;)

Infographic from USA. I get it from here.

These are the fingers (8 fingers and 2 thumbs) of a Chinese aunty in Ward 2A.

Can you describe the differences?


Comparison. Taken from here.

From Ortho Clinic

Now I am gonna write about my eye check-up at IIUM Optometry Clinic at IIUM Jalan Hospital Campus, Kuantan. You have to make an appointment first before you can attend the session.

First, you have to pay RM5 and show your IC for registration. They will open a new file for you.

Fill in your personal details
Then you are clerked by a student. That was a fourth year IIUM optometry student.

I did ask for his name but I cant quite remember it now.

After that, he will perform the check-up for you.

It was a bit awkward, having your cornea examined by a guy from a close distance. I thought his hands were trembling when he did the examination! I felt like laughing, but of course I didnt.

Who is not nervous when you have to do a check-up on a medical student (of opposite gender) who is from the same university and of the same age as you are? I would feel the same way if I were him!

  It was a 2-hour check-up. There were tests to assess visual acuity, visual field, colour blindness, ability of your eyes to focus, test for squint eyes, symmetry of eyes, muscles of eyes, pupil reaction, cornea, intraocular pressure etc.

There were times when you have to 'dye' your eyes! He put like a fluorescent eye drop into my eyes, then I saw orange! Only for a moment lah. After that all became normal again.

The result stated that my eyes are HEALTHY! :D

In the end of the session, the eye specialist said that for patients with normal eyes, they were advised to come for another check-up once a year.

So yeah! I'll go again next year (maybe)

ps. I'll ask for a female student next time! Hehehehe

Pictures taken from here. If you wanna know more about the clinic, read the website okayy.

So yeahh. We put 'I Care' in the 'Eye Care' ;)

Ok. What else what else?

My Mom bought Red Velvet Cake.

I got my subscription....and a CD! For FREE!

Havent heard it yet!

Okay. Talk to you next time!


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