Monday, September 16, 2013

To Pekan! :D

Now lemme tell you where did I go today.

Nope. Not any place in Korea. Hehehe.

Bibik Aisyah wanted to meet her Cambodian 'aunty' there, so my Mom asked if I can take her there.

You know there's this moment when you feel like you want to spend a day at home, doing the stuff that you planned to do, suddenly out of a blue - you get interrupted?

And you just don't have the heart to say No.

So yeahhhh.

So we took off in the morning. It was our first-time going there. 

My first time driving to another city - without any help of a map, or GPS! We just followed the road sign, asked around and called the aunty's husband for direction.

Pekan! Pekan! :D

Daulat Tuankuuu!

Pekan bandar diraja

Sungai Pahang (Pahang River)

We had arrived at Tanjung Agas!!

The house.

The road to her house is bumpy!

The inside view 
Aunty Ramlah's daughter.

Awwww. She only has two front teeth!
She showed us photographs :)

Drawings. That cute little toes!
She has two elder brothers (one is 10 and the other 8) but I am not very good in dealing with boys. Hahaha. 

Plus, what can you do with a 10-year-old boy? Ask him to join us drawing cute little pictures and giggle together? Or tickle him? Or do funny faces and laugh loudly? 

Seriously. I think it's easier to form a connection with a girl than a boy.



At first she had one in cup.
When she saw me eating in a cone, she get it from her Mom.

Yummy ice cream!!

Can I have yours? ;)

Then we went back home at 330pm.

A memory!

We had a peaceful journey back home.
Adlin merajuk. Hahaha.

Batrisya said that those dolls are cute.
How can you resist NOT giving her one?
Ahhh. I miss her already.

Saw this very touching video on Facebook when I got home at about 5pm.

Awwww. I feel like hugging that soldier! :')

Now I am gonna try to finish the Korea posts. I've managed to upload up till Day 8 (I kept them in drafts) for now. I'm not so sure if I can finish them all by tonight.

Let's see how it goes.

I am thinking of staying up late tonight. But but tomorrow, the lecture is gonna start at 8am and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be late! Because the door will be closed on time!

Ok ok don't panic. Relax. Breathe in.... breathe out. You can do this!




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