Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's up!

So here are the stuff that I havent told you yet:

On Monday morning, the five of us were scheduled to be in the OT. Prof.Hafiz was there. He let one of us scrub and assist him in his operation! How cool is THAT?

But you have to watch your attitude when being in OT. Make sure to go inside the operation room before the surgeon comes. Clerk all cases in OT. Ask the specialist/MOs if you can present the case (Prof.Hafiz doesnt like presentation in OT, but you can ask from MOs). Stay inside the room from beginning till the end. Don't go out too frequent. If the surgeon asks you to scrub with him, make sure to do it correctly (better if you learn it beforehand). Learn how to wear OT gown and how to wear the gloves!

I had my first experience being a surgeon's assistant! It was not fun! My hands were trembling when Prof.Hafiz asked me to hold the patient's thigh! I was nervous! Seriously! Hahaha

Go out of the OT at 1pm, not a second before that!

We only had the chance to watch two operations (both were arthroscopy on patients with medial meniscus tears) because we had Seminar on Management and Complications of Fractures at 2pm.

Edited picture of the OT.

I had my second on call that Monday too, with Miss Ardilla. She is so cool! I like her already!! :D

 (But I dont think I wanna be a specialist like her, I'd rather stay at home! Hehehe)

I totally should move them a lil bit closerrr, hehehe
There were only two admissions that night. One was the 16-year-old distal tibial fracture due to MVA and the other one was an uncle with Necrotising Soft Tissue Injury (NSTI). He was advised to remove his leg (below knee amputation) because he also have End Stage Renal Failure. NSTI can worsen his renal status if preventive measure is not taken. But he refused! 

I am not sure what's his status now, I havent heard from him.

Went home late again!

Today we went to Ortho Clinic with our mentor, Mr.Shukrimi. 

We met patients with Gouty Tophi, Non-union fracture and Elbow dislocation. We also watched two patients had their dressings changed.

In the ward this evening, we watched the doctors desloughed a patient's foot, to remove all the dead tissues. The patient's diagnosis is Wet Gangrene.

Even if you give me RM100, I dont wanna do the procedure by myself!

So I guess that's all for now. I'll see you next time! :)

Initially I was having second thought about posting that picture online (with medico-legal issue and stuff) but my friend said I dont have to worry since there are not many people who read my blog!

So in case that I am getting sued, I'll put the blame on that friend of mine! Hahahha


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