Friday, October 11, 2013

A Simple One

Here's a short post for todayyy. Today means Thursday, not Friday! Hehe.

Guess what this is!
(Yeahh I know it's a foot! But do you notice any difference?)

Well, maybe you cant see clearly from pictures.
But this 72-year-old Malay man has bilateral Charcot foot!
He has left foot ulcer too.
His right foot was cold!
See the muscle wasting???!!

In the evening, I stopped by the Blood Bank.
But I cant donate my blood, I am anemic!
Well, slightly. It's 11.3 g/dL.
They need people with Hb of 12.5!!

Opening hours

Okayyy, Let's go back home nowwww!!

So that's all for now.

I told you it's a short post!

I am off to bed noww.

Byebye and sleep tight!!

If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak - BE MINE!!

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