Monday, October 14, 2013

Before Eidul Adha

This morning I brought my sister to the hospital for a medical check-up. When we met the medical assistant at the Accident & Emergency front desk, he told us that for a non-emergency case, we should go to a polyclinic or a district clinic instead. We are not encouraged to go to the hospital.

So I told him that we dont know about it, and how can we go back home since we are already at the hospital? That would be a waste of time! At first he looked like he didnt wanna accept us, but later he said we can register there. Hahh! I can be really persistent when I want to.

There. The announcement banner for all to see.

So I pretended to be a non-medical student, and followed my sister into Green Zone's consultation room. She was clerked by a female house officer, who used several medical terms like 'discharge' and 'cyclical pain' and 'mass' - like my sister knows what those words meant.

Then we went to SOPD to get an appointment date. It is scheduled to be a month later. After that, I sent her to meet my parents at Kuantan.

My other sister had asked me to drive her back home from Klinik Dr.Ko at 1130am, but I totally forgot about it! I did remind myself like few times before 1130, but because we had an impromptu discussion with Mr.Fadzli on Diabetic Foot Ulcer at that time, so I just...forgot. Yeah I felt guilty about it, so I bought her an ice-cream. Hehehe

And at about 330pm, I went back to the hospital, to find a case for my Case Write Up. I dont have a case yett, and I have to find it quick! I dont want to write another fracture case, at least I should find a DFU patient! But that makcik whom I clerked earlier, was actually my friend's CWU patient - and we share the same mentor! So I just have to find a new one. Hmm, I still couldnt find one.

On Monday, they have Diabetic Foot Clinic in the evening. So I went there to have a look. Wanna see what I saw today? 

A chinese uncle with Dry Gangrene!
(That's a REAL patient with a REAL foot!)
He will undergo Below Knee Amputation, or worse, Above Knee!
The house officer was clerking the patient when I took this picture.

And I saw a makcik who had her ulcer dressed with honey! And of course, after that - Bactigrass. But using honey to promote healing, that's When I saw the nurse applying a layer of honey on her ulcer, I was thinking of how sweet the honey was! And it was sticky....and sweet!! Yummy! I meant, the honey! The honey looked yummy! Oh great, I sound so weird!!

Then I went to the ward to get information on my friend's patient.
That is the XRay of his thigh bone aka femur.
Yup. It's called a fracture. And displacement.
I went back home at about 6pm. Since tomorrow is holiday, my Mom and my sisters helped in the kitchen to prepare the dishes for Eidul Adha. 

Lemang and Kuah Kari


Kuah Kari and Chicken Soup


Chocolate Cake! Sweeeeeetttt!

We will be having Chicken Rice for tomorrow! And we have two days of holidays! Tuesday and Wednesdayyy!! Yayyy!!

I told my Mom that I wanna go to the ward tomorrow morning (to find a case for my CWU), but she quickly said 'tak payahh. buat apa nak gi ward pagi pagi raya? esok kan raya haji, raya yang lagi penting daripada raya puasa. duduk je kat rumah, beraya.'

So yeah. I am not allowed to go to the ward tomorrow morning. If that's the case, I'll go for oncall then! (Yeahh, I can be very stubborn at times, too) Well, it's because I dont have a case for my CWU yett (and the deadline is this coming Friday!), so I gotta do what I gotta do!

For now, I'll do some case summaries for a while before I go to bed. Or I'll just wake up early and do them tomorrow. Hmmmm. Lets see how it goes.

YOU have a good day, okay! And dont be sad!

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