Thursday, October 03, 2013

BOSC Workshop and Workkk

We had a workshop on Basic Orthopaedic Skills Course (BOSC) from morning till evening today!

We started off with lectures in the morning, and hands-on experience in the evening!

Mr.Goh showed us how to do Close Manipulative Reduction (CMR) on ulna/radial fracture

Then we wrapped OrthoBan (Ortho Bandage), after that put on Plaster of Paris (POP)

There. The full cast is finished!
As'aad in pain. Hahaa.

Another 'injured' victim :P

Now we experiment on Lower Limb!

Izani was glad it's all over!

Me and Yun with headless guys, hahahaha

Third station - Rehabilitation Appliances

We played with axillary crutches, elbow crutches, walking frame and the super-cool wheelchair!

Our fourth station was learning how to do reduction on hip, shoulder and knee dislocation. I forgot to take a picture of the session because I was busy concentrating on Mr.Rafael and Mr.Ed's demonstrations! 

Mr.Shahidan explained on Traction. We get to do the skeletal traction!

The drilling part to the bone! So cool! :D

We missed the Back Slab section because of limited time.

Then we get to see the electric saw that we use to cut the cast!

We can even touch it! It's not sharp at all!

The casts were removed!

The workshop ended at almost 530pm. It was a FUN FUN experience! :D

Oh. I just thought the baby is cute. Hehehe

I saw a RAINBOW on my way back home!! :D

Can you see that??!

Yeah it was raining.

ps. Don't try taking picture while driving on the right lane. It's dangerous! ;D

I have to complete three things tonight:
1) Case Write Up (Distal Tibial Fracture - Gustilo Grade II)
2) Case Summaries (at least 2)
3) Summary on Chapter 22 (Circulation, Disability, ICU Scoring system)

Let's see if I can finish them all by tonight. Or before I go to school tomorrow.

Coffee? CHECK!!! :D

You go do your workkk!! Dont waste time here!!!


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