Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eidul Adha

So this morning, we watched our neighbours sacrificed some cows for Eid. A portion of the meats were distributed among poor people in our village. 

Here. Enjoy these pictures!

First we start with Family Photo!
See the cow?

Sorry you have to see this.
Please close your eyes if you cant stand these pictures, okay!

We had 7 cows sacrificed

My parents' name are on Cow Number 2

People gathered to help with the meats

Another cow

Hard work

Sorry pal.

My Dad in yellow

Watching under the sun

The cow

The people

Sorry you have to see this!

All of us were there

Preparing the meats



They look like twins. Cute ones.

Inside the musolla

Cute kids


Working hard


Kids on bikes

More cows

I'll end my post with this picture!

You have a good day!

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