Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

So Friday.

Remember that picture I showed you about Fasciotomy due to compartment syndrome?

I met that girl in the ward on Friday. She is just 15 years old. And she was crying in pain.

She was admitted on 9/10/13 at 1:14 pm due to leg pain following an accident. 

Her diagnosis was:
1) Closed Comminuted Fracture Midshaft Right Tibia
2) Closed Segmental Fracture Right Fibula
3) Compartment Syndrome of Right Leg

Since it was a case of orthopaedic emergency, she was rushed to the OT.

Well, only at 5:45 pm the operation started, 4 hours and 30 minutes after her admission. The operation ended at 7:10pm.

Intraoperative findings:

1) Swollen and tense right calf
2) DPA, PTA palpable, CRT < 2sec
3) Upon release of compartment, there was gushing of blood
4) Intramuscular haematoma surrounding fracture site
5) Bulging of muscle seen
6) Muscles viable, Colour pink, Consistency normal, Contractility normal

Post op
1) DPA, PTA palpable, CRT < 2sec
2) Calf soft
3) Comminuted fracture mishaft right tibia and segmental fracture of right fibula
4) Right tibia fracture reduced with CMR and external fixation right tibia   

I helped the nurses did her leg dressings, with Gel and Bactigrass. She was screaming all the way through the procedure. Sakit, sakit....Jangan pegang...Sakit...Sudah lah....Sakit...

She was already crying long before that. The Sister (Head of Nurses) who came by to calm her down was not able to silent her. When Sister asked her to remember God and say shahadah, she didnt wanna do so. She shook her head and kept on cying, screaming.

It would be easier on her if she did not focus too much on the pain, but let her mind think of God instead. Think that God gives her the pain to test her patience.

But of course, it's easier said than done. 

I dont know how much pain she felt. I was not the one experiencing it.

When we finished the dressings, her sister came in. She was in tears as well.  

There was a time when I shed a tear but I quickly wiped it. Imagine if your little sister is on the bed, crying like that, and you cannot do anything to help her. That is sad.

Sometimes I question my decision to be a doctor in the first place. I cry easily, and doctors dont do that! They are supposed to be strong, and tough, and not acting like a baby!

Well, technically it was not MY decision to be a doctor in the first place. So yeah.

If you ask me, I still think that I am not cut out to be a doctor.

Okay. Enough talking about sad stuff, will you?

Here's a really cool guy who wrote a really cool post about stay-at-home moms :)

Interesting views you have there, sir :)

Maybe its about time to let you go?

Okayy I am gonna do my work now. 

You have a good day! 

And stop crying!! :)

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