Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hello Hello! :D

It's been a week that I havent written here. Wow. Time flies so fast!

I had oncall tonight (Wednesday night). With Ms.Ardilla. We went to see many patients, like about 7 or 8. Among them were neck of femur fracture, foot abscess, diabetic foot ulcer, carpal bone fracture and I dont quite remember the rest. I am too tired to think more. Hehe. 

After we finished round with Ms.Ardilla, we went to OT at about 10pm, to see Dr.Nik Nor and the housemen operate on a 30-year-old lady with left segmental fracture of femur, they put interlocking nails inside the thigh. It was quite an experience, watching an operation at night. Usually we watch operations during the day. And to wear the heavy X-Ray vest for 2 and a half hour, it was a torture!! I still feel my shoulder aching!

Now I am on my bed, finished praying already. About to go to sleep when I remembered to write something on here. It's been a while, right? 

Well, lets recap on what happened for the past few days. We've been to operation theatre few times, watching different kinds of surgery, with different kinds of surgeons. We had teachings with few lecturers, discussing on interesting cases in the ward. Followed ward round every morning, and examined some patients. Listened to seminar session.

Found my Case Write Up 3 patient already! Yayy! It's a 22-year-old lady with medial meniscus tear! Classic findings on examination! And I examined her! :D

I am hungrryyy. I feel like eating rice! But I dont wanna get fattt, it's one o'clock in the morningg!! Ahhhh I guess I'll wait till tomorrrow before I get my rice.

So I need to sleep. If not, I'll be tempted to go into the kitchen and cook some rice! And pour in the fried rice paste, and eat it! It sounds sooo deliciousss!!! I am hungrrryyy!!

Okay okay I totally need to sleeeppp! You have a good day!! Bye byeeee :)

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