Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lazy Weekenddd

Hi Hi Hi! So i thought of writing a bit on here. Been busy with Case Write Up before, now I've got some free time! It's the weekend! I love weekends! :D

So here is an interesting picture for you:

Exposed tendon!
Mr.Fadzli said that when there is a case like this, the tendon will become dry and it will die!
So we have to cut it! If not, it will become a source of infection!

There. The tibialis anterior muscle (red) and the tendon (white)

So now, since my parents and my sisters are not at home for the weekend (they went to Lumut, Perak last Thursday), so I can sleep whenever I want! And cook whatever I want! And be lazy! Hahahhaha

Ohh. But I need to prepare seminar slides on Septic Arthritis, that need to be submitted this Monday! And the case summaries need to be written properly!

Hmmmm. I'll do those things when I feel like doing them. Hehe.

You have a GOOD dayyyy okayyy!!!! :D

Byebyee!! :D

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