Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of the three days

So Monday. We had Mr.Shuk's teaching session in the morning. After that we went to the clinic. Saw a few paediatric cases like CTEV and Osteogenesis Imperfecta! And then I had oncall that night, with Mr.Fadzli. Went back home late. 

Tuesday was our turn to go to OT. We watched three operations, stayed there till evening. Went back home at almost 5pm. Took a nap. Slept early.

Today, we had a course on Rehabilitation. We went to see the places where patients have their physiotherapy session at the hospital. It was an educational tour.

One of the rehab room

This is called Wall Bars. You reach the top bar and hang on!
(That is one cool stuff, I want I want!!!)

 Someone just told me to be good todayy! 

I AM being gooddd. I'll pray right after this, and then do my work. Then maybe take a nap, and then do my work again. 

See? I am planning on being good! Hehe

I miss youuuuuu!!

Take time to realise that I am on your side, didnt I tell you? :)

Yayyy!! Tomorrow is public holiday! Happy Birthday to you, King of Pahang! :D

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