Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ortho Exam Schedule [ 2 - 3/12/13 ]

Exam. Exam. Exam.

The schedule

Monday, 2/12/13
8.30-9.30am - MCQ, OBA
10.00 - 12.00pm - PMP
2.00pm - VIVA           

Tuesday, 3/12/13
8.00am - Clinical exam
4.00pm - Posting Review with all lecturers

My VIVA will be at 3pm Monday *shudder*

My clinical exam will start at 9am Tuesday *shudder*

I am too nervous to talk about anything else, so....yeah.

You have a nice day okayy!

And byebyeee!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Of KMC and PappaRich

Last Tuesday, I sent my Mom to KMC to undergo a minor operation.

The hospital

Prof Mokhtar O&G was there too. On the wall.

My Mom had a slight fever yesterday, but she is recovering now.

Then on Wednesday, we had a meeting with Mr.Ahmad Faidzal at the department of surgery, then after that to Pappa Rich. He treated us coffee and breads.

Discussion with Syahmi, Faqih, Sapue, Luqman and Julia

Farah, Yani, Sibah

Nani and Me


If you ask me, I am not the kind of person who likes hanging out at coffee places. Id rather stay at home sleeping doing my own stuff.

But of course, there's no harm in going out once in a while. 

As for today, we attended seminar on Hand and Tendon Injuries with Prof.Kamarul at IMC. We still got three presenters left from the last time we had the seminar.

So that's all for now.

See you when I see you.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pre-Exam Jitters

I was thinking of writing about the Rehab clinic that we visited yesterday.

Or how much fun my friend and I had when we were running in the rain.

How good it was to have strawberry frozen yogurt with cornflakes, in cold weather.

How much I love rain.

Love it when the sun comes up after rain.

Trees will grow. Flowers will bloom. Animals are happy.

But I dont feel quite good for now.

Our last oncall with our mentor last night made me feel quesy.

Mr.Ariff told us stories about a few of our seniors who cried during the examination because they got strict examiners. That we should revise on our seniors' past years questions because this year's questions will be a bit tough.  

I always enjoy listening to his stories, but when it comes to exams, ahhhhhhh.

I can feel butterflies in my stomach.

This is not good.

Not good at all.

What if I get Mr.Hafiz as my examiner, and I get a patient with Osteoarthritis going for TKR? What if I get Prof.Kamarul with 'Hand' patient?? What if Mr.Zamzuri and spine case??? Or Mr.Amin???? Or, or, Mr.Azril and malignancy????? 


Not like die DIE. You get what I meant.

Great. So much for a positive mindset.

Calm down, will you???!!

Take a deep breath. Relax. 

And keep praying!

You can do this!!

God, I dont ask for much. 
I just want a pass.

You will let me pass, right? :(

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Revision Week

Why didnt I read this book earlier???!!

Whyy Dr.Netter...whyyyyy??!!

Yeah. I read on the bed.

Dr.Netter, physician and artist.
Thank you for your beautiful illustrations!!! :D

Now I need to sleep.

I meant, read.

I need to READ.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Of Orthopaedic Operations

I remember a friend of mine asking me the reason why I do not want to become a houseman, and whether I am really serious about not working after I graduate. I didnt reply his message anyway. Its not because I didnt know the answer to his questions, or I didnt wanna tell him - oh wait - I did NOT wanna tell him why! Hahahaha. There are certain stuff that you would want to keep to yourself. No offence ;)

There is only one person who knows about the real reasons. But he lives like thousand miles away from here, see if you can get the answers from him :P Ahh, the good old days. I miss that guy. Don't worry, he has a girlfriend already. And I should keep my distance, I know. But but - oh wait a second - we are nowhere close to each other! How far more do you want me to keep my distance?!

Great. I should write about educational things on here - not rambling on unimportant petty stuff like feelings and all! Haishhh. Now write something useful, will you?

I do like writing! You cannot tell me what to write or what not to write! I write when I am sad. I write when I am happy. I write when I am bored. This is MY post! I would want my children to read about my feelings 20 years from now. My thoughts. My life! If possible, I would want to record every single day of my life in here! With pictures! LOTS of pictures! And when I become a 50-year-old (cute) grandma, I wanna read back about what the 23-year-old-me had written about myself!

Yeah yeahh whatever you sayy.

Wait. Are you talking to yourself??! Seriously! People who dont know you will think that you are crazy! Jeez. Such a drama queen!

Okay okay. Back to reality. Hahaha.

Yesterday, we watched two operations!

First, an operation on simple bone cyst at proximal humerus. The operation was extended curettage and injection of calcium sulphate. I clerked that 15-year-old boy who had history of traumatic injury at his proximal humerus twice in a year.

The exposed bone

XRay after calcium sulphate (cement) insertion

Baking! :D

When you wanna make that cement, you have to mix the liquid and powder into the mixer. And mix them! You will get a paste that you can put into a syringe, then inject into the bone.

I assisted Mr.Goh during the operation. Not really assisting since they were two MOs at that time.
Mr.Goh asked me to present during the operation! Without referring to my book!
Luckily the patient's history was quite a simple one.

*Now I can show this picture to my children saying, 'See? Your Mom assisted the surgeon in operation theatre! Are you proud of me? Hahaha*

Second operation where Ikhwan and Afiq took turns assisting.
With Prof. Kamarul and Mr. Rafael.
DRUJ reconstruction and removal of plate.
They were doing both upper limbs simultaneously.

End of Wednesdayy!

This morning, me and Elle watched SIX operations! There were many cases for day care surgery. Elective and Trauma cases were at the OT at the same time, but since we wanted to fill in our logbook (tomorrow's the last day to submit the book), so we joined Day Care. Quick operations, hehehe.

Firstly, I went into Surgery OT room. Excision of brachial cyst on a 3-year-old kid. I saw Mr.Zamzuri in the Ortho OT doing Carpal tunnel release, but I was too scared to join in, in the middle of the operation. 

When Elle came, we then joined Mr.Chuah's OT. With Dr.Suhana and Dr.Suriana. We watched operations on trigger finger release, removal of K-wires and I&D, WD of middle finger. 

14-year-old twins!! So cute!! :D
Their heights are not the same. And their teeth too.

*I want twins!! Can I have twins??!*

They came in for removal of K-wire.
They both had flexed DIP at little finger.
One had it when he was 6 years old, while the other had it last year.
They didnt know the reason of the abnormalities. No history of trauma to the finger.

The XRay. See that K-wire?

We spent few minutes in Dr.Sazli's OT, while he was doing wound debridement of a lady with right foot abscess, under spinal anaesthesia.

We saw Mr.Shukrimi in the OT too. His operations took long time to finish since they were quite complex. We didnt go inside, but we did clerk one of his patient. The one with underlying neurofibromatosis, presented with pseudoarthrosis of right ankle. 

This is her XRay. Notice the fibula?
They applied '8-plate' there.
Dont ask me what that is, because I didnt see it!

Go ask Mr.Google ;)

Multiple cafe-au-lait spots

An obvious one at her back.

Her father and paternal grandmother have Neurofibromatosis too.
Even her two siblings have similar spots!

When we asked her parents about the disease, they are not well-educated about it.

Tomorrow's gonna be our last day in Orthopaedic posting, I am so gonna miss the OT!

The only posting that encourages students to assist during operation! Love that! :D

Who wants Watermelon Juice?
*those are blood btw*
Ewwww I know. I know. Hahaha

Before I end this post, here's what I found in Facebook:

Not good. Not good at all :(

Gotta write some summaries now. 

You have a good day!


ps. Praying for people in Philippines :( News here and here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poster, Illizarof, Lunchhh

Another simple poster for Saly. She wanted it RED ;)

No flower this time, hehe

So, this is called ring external fixator made up of pins and wires (Illizarof apparatus named after a Russian orthopaedic surgeon Gavriil Abramovich  Illizarof).

View from above

It is used for bone lengthening on the principle of distraction osteogenesis. You can use it if the patient has bone loss, due to trauma or other cause like osteomyelitis. Need patient with good attitude and compliance because the patient has to turn the screw 4 times a day.

We had lunch with Prof. Kamarul today. Elle paid for the our meals, thank youuu :)


Yunn and Kak Lini :D


Oh yeah. Me.

Need to prepare a case presentation for OT tomorrow. On simple bone cyst.

Ahhhh. I am kinda tired.

Need coffee!!

You have a good day! Byebye!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Of Internship and Doodles

My eldest sister came home looking excited. She showed me these:

Rotation of 2-year-housemanship in Hospital Kemaman!!

Wahhhh! Dr. Sh. Nur Afifah!!! :D

Procedures to be performed, observed and assisted

Looks cool!

Certification of Completion of Training

Guidebook for HO and the yellow card!

She's gonna start working tomorrow. She'll drive to the hospital, not sure if she wants to stay at the hostel or not. My Mom suggested she stays at home, and drive to the hospital everyday. Still in discussion though.

After 2 years of housemanship, she will officially become a doctor and get her medical license. As for me, after 2 years, I'll graduate! Ahhh cant waitt!!

Anywayss, felt like doodling :D

Miles apart

Yes! For you :)

Science vs History

That curly hair ;)

You have a GOOD day okay. And everything's gonna be alright :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Few days backkkk

Yesterday was the last day of school for Malaysian students, so my two sisters (Izzah and Adlin) will be at home till the end of the year. Syakirah is still at her school, studying for SPM. Jehan is at UIA Gombak, no idea when her holiday starts. My eldest sister, Kak Nor just came back from her induction course yesterday. She will start her housemanship at Hospital Kemaman tomorrow. Yeah, on Sunday.

And me? Nope. Not in holiday yet. We still got a week to go before revision week - and then end of posting exam in early December. At 2pm today, we have session with Mr.Kamarul. Then, I have oncall today at 6pm till 12am. Got some time to write here.

Let's do this in points form.

1. My first time going to the hospital as early as 620am last Wednesday.

The road was clear!

Tik tok.

Reached the hospital.
Lots of parking spaces! :D

2. Saw an interesting case during my oncall last time. Mr.Kamarul said that this may be a case of Necrotising Fascitis. This pakcik doesnt have Diabetes Mellitus by the way.

Necrotic patch there.

Swelling down to the foot.
Dry, shiny skin.

3. We went to Ortho clinic last Thursday. Spine clinic. 

Human spine disorders.
I love those visual diagrams that they have in the clinic.
They make stuff easy to remember!


Side view
Can you name the structures?

 Okay here here. Some help ;)

Presented a case on ACL tear to Dr.Jeffrey the MO in the clinic. He is very helpful, he taught us stuff! Thank you Dr! :) 

4. I need to keep this picture! Of TB spine!

See the fusion of C5-C6?
Wedge-shape deformity!

Tuberculosis is very common here in Malaysia, so if you get a patient with back pain (especially lumbosacral), think of TB! Cervical region is not a common site for TB.

5. Yesterday, IIMP was on Abortion. In Islam, it is allowed to terminate the pregnancy if the fetus age is less than 120 days (4 months). Malaysian law allows abortion if the pregnancy endangers the mother's physical and mental status. 

The health of mother is superior than the baby.

6. Went back home to these!!! :D

Flowersss!! :D

How do I look?

I dont think my Mom would approve of these.

Weird? Hahahhaha I knoww righttt
My Mom doesnt have to know. Sssshhhhh ;)

I like this purple!
My favourite!

Thank you Agape Boutique for these cool platforms!! :D

7. My Mom sent this picture through WhatsApp.

I love the one at lower right!
A small garden in the balcony - how cool is thatt??!

Ahhh. I want my own house! A small, and cute one.

8. Speaking of house, I just got to know that one of my friend is planning on getting engaged! I was like, Whoaaa!! Luckyy girll!!

I've got more to tell, but I guess it's enough for now. Hehe.

Talk to you laterrr!! Have a good day! :)