Monday, November 04, 2013

2 more yearsss

Saly asked me for help in making a poster. And here it is! :D

Flowers. I love flowers.

This is the kind of stuff that I wouldnt mind spending my whole time (or life!) doing itttt.

My Dad once told me that after I graduate, I can do whatever I want.

Yeah he said that. Seriously. I still remember him saying that years ago!

And I am still holding on to what he said.

All I have to do is to remind him from time to time of what I wanna do after these 2 years.

Get married. Have kids. A degree in Multimedia.

And no, becoming a doctor is not in the plan. Not in MY plan.

Let's see if I get to do what I want, after 7 years of dreaming.

Some says that it is not possible.

Oh yeahh?

You just watch me.

(My Mom always tell my Dad to be careful in saying things in front of us, because we might take the words seriously as if he really means it, although most of the time he is joking. In my case, he cannot take the words back. It's a promise! I get to do what I want after I graduate!)

Moral of the story : To parents, think thoroughly of what you wanna say before you promise anything to your kids! Hehehehe

Cool lyric video! I wanna learn how to do this! Well, not now. After 2 years, ok? :P

Since I have oncall today, I gotta try to finish my CPC slides. It's a case of supracondylar fracture of humerus in a kid.

I have to do Differential Diagnosis and Investigations. I was browsing the websites on how to read an elbow XRay - that didnt last long though. Its a boring stuff, I have to say.

Capitulum, olecranon fossa, radial head, trochlear, coronoid fossa. Ohhhh anatomy, whyyy are you so harddd to rememberrrr????!!

I need a glass of coffee.

You have a good and interesting day ahead, okayy! Because mine doesnt seem to be interesting so far. Work work work. Can I just get married right noww, quit studying and let my husband takes care of the work??

Hahahahaha. Yeahh righttttt.

Okay okay enough playinggg. 

I'll go make that coffee noww. 

Byebyeee!!! :D

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