Friday, November 08, 2013

Basic Trauma and Rescucitation Course (BTRC)

So today, BTRC was held at IMC, started with presentations (supervised by Mr.Raffael, Mr.Khairul from A&E and Mr.Rasydan? from Anaesthesiology. In the evening, as usual we had practical sessions in the evening. Here is the schedule: 

We didnt buy the handbook though

Food first!

Breakfast! Yum Yum Macaroni! :D
In the evening session, we were divided into three groups:
1. Rescue Team (Field Triage/Disaster)
2. Victims in the bus (Triage)
3. Splinting, Transportation, Bleeding Control with Mr.Fadzli (Ortho)

We took turns to experience each session.

The rescue team was given a briefing by abang abang A&E

Showing us the Triage Card

It can be changed manually to white, red, yellow, or green.

The vests for task divisions

The time when we were being the 'victims'
We had to pretend like the bus crashed and everyone was injured.

Aqilah being 'real' :P

ACTION!! The bus crashed and everybody in the bus was screaming. Then a member from Rescue Team came inside the bus, calming us down. He then labeled each victim with a Triage Card. 

White for dead people. Red with severe injuries. Yellow is for moderate injuries. Green is for people who can obey command and can walk down from the bus by themselves. 

Actually, the classification of the triage is according to RPM : Respiratory Rate, Perfusion and Mental Status. They have a certain criteria in which you can classify the victims according to each triage colour.

He then asked the victims with Green Triage to walk down the bus first. Count their number and report to Commander by using walkie-talkie. (Yes, we get to use the real walkie-talkie! How cool is thattt?! Hehe)

Then he asked for help from other rescue team members to get other victims down from the bus. The ones with Red Triage should be let out first!

Vicitim at Green Zone was treated based on their 'injuries'

Need help on the bus!
Quick Quick!!

Transporting the victims to the safe area
Commander in charge

Help! Help!

The severely injured victim was transported using spinal board

And the paraplegic victim

Are they dead already??!! :O

The session with Mr.Fadzli started at the same time

If you see an unconscious person lying on the street, with a fractured femur what would you do?
As a member of emergency team, put a cervical collar first!
Do traction of the leg a bit, then apply skin traction.
After that, put Thomas splint.
Then transport him into the ambulance by using that metal 'board'.

The correct way to apply skin traction

Fatimah the 'victim'

Mr.Fadzli showed us how to measure the size of the cervical collar and how to adjust it

Commander with one of the victims

The 'injured' husband and 'pregnant' wife ;)

Mr.Goh and Mr.Shahidan came by too, but I didnt manage to snap their pictures. I dont even have pictures of MYSELF wearing the Triage vest! Arghhhhhh! Okay, calm down calm down. Next time....remember ok!

The course ended at 5pm sharpp! I was kinda glad it didnt drag on till the very late evening, hehehe. Mr.Fadzli was particular about time management. He said, if we start early then we can finish early. I AGREE I AGREE!! :D

Anywayyysss, it was fun and educational! I wish we had make-ups though :)

You have a GOOD dayyy! Byebyee! 

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