Saturday, November 16, 2013

Few days backkkk

Yesterday was the last day of school for Malaysian students, so my two sisters (Izzah and Adlin) will be at home till the end of the year. Syakirah is still at her school, studying for SPM. Jehan is at UIA Gombak, no idea when her holiday starts. My eldest sister, Kak Nor just came back from her induction course yesterday. She will start her housemanship at Hospital Kemaman tomorrow. Yeah, on Sunday.

And me? Nope. Not in holiday yet. We still got a week to go before revision week - and then end of posting exam in early December. At 2pm today, we have session with Mr.Kamarul. Then, I have oncall today at 6pm till 12am. Got some time to write here.

Let's do this in points form.

1. My first time going to the hospital as early as 620am last Wednesday.

The road was clear!

Tik tok.

Reached the hospital.
Lots of parking spaces! :D

2. Saw an interesting case during my oncall last time. Mr.Kamarul said that this may be a case of Necrotising Fascitis. This pakcik doesnt have Diabetes Mellitus by the way.

Necrotic patch there.

Swelling down to the foot.
Dry, shiny skin.

3. We went to Ortho clinic last Thursday. Spine clinic. 

Human spine disorders.
I love those visual diagrams that they have in the clinic.
They make stuff easy to remember!


Side view
Can you name the structures?

 Okay here here. Some help ;)

Presented a case on ACL tear to Dr.Jeffrey the MO in the clinic. He is very helpful, he taught us stuff! Thank you Dr! :) 

4. I need to keep this picture! Of TB spine!

See the fusion of C5-C6?
Wedge-shape deformity!

Tuberculosis is very common here in Malaysia, so if you get a patient with back pain (especially lumbosacral), think of TB! Cervical region is not a common site for TB.

5. Yesterday, IIMP was on Abortion. In Islam, it is allowed to terminate the pregnancy if the fetus age is less than 120 days (4 months). Malaysian law allows abortion if the pregnancy endangers the mother's physical and mental status. 

The health of mother is superior than the baby.

6. Went back home to these!!! :D

Flowersss!! :D

How do I look?

I dont think my Mom would approve of these.

Weird? Hahahhaha I knoww righttt
My Mom doesnt have to know. Sssshhhhh ;)

I like this purple!
My favourite!

Thank you Agape Boutique for these cool platforms!! :D

7. My Mom sent this picture through WhatsApp.

I love the one at lower right!
A small garden in the balcony - how cool is thatt??!

Ahhh. I want my own house! A small, and cute one.

8. Speaking of house, I just got to know that one of my friend is planning on getting engaged! I was like, Whoaaa!! Luckyy girll!!

I've got more to tell, but I guess it's enough for now. Hehe.

Talk to you laterrr!! Have a good day! :)

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