Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday in 30 minutes

I've got 30 minutes before I gotta go to seminar session on Metabolic Bone Diseases with Mr.Goh at IMC. It will start at 3pm.

So here it is.

Starting with these:

Surprise Surprise

Agree! Too many private medical colleges!

So... to all female medical students, let us all be housewives! Hahahahhaha

Joking. I was joking :P

So this morning. I went to the hospital as usual, and guess what I found at the parking area in front of JHC.

See that car straight in front of you?

On your left. That car.

Okay. Zooming in.

How can a car drive through this very LITTLE space?!

By parking your car in that manner, you consumed a LOT of space! You should be more considerate of other drivers who wanna park their cars behind!

Like me! So I had to park mine this way.
So that I will not get stuck inside that lane, being blocked by other cars from behind.

When I was about to get out, another car parked behind me. Yes, just behind my car!
I was like, WTF?

So I got out, and told the driver and her friends (yeah, there were like three of them altogether) that the purpose of me parking at the very end of that lane is for easy exit. If she parked behind me, HOW THE HELL DO I GET OUT THEN??!

Of course, I didnt shout. I said the words in the best possible manner. Maybe.

So she said to me, You can go straight through the lane and exit from front.

So I replied back, How can I exit from there if the very brilliant driver of that huge-and-expensive car in front there parks his car THAT way? There's NO WAY my car could fit in! (unless I still drive through and wreck his car, in which I was dying to do at that very particular time!)

So she adjusted her car. To park on the other side of the lane. Yeah, just like in the picture.
I am sure the owner of this car would be very proud of his action!
Congratulations! You are featured in my blog! That's priceless!
I noticed there's a Malaysian Medical Association sign on his car plate.
But McDonald and KFC? Wowwww. Seriously. Wow.
So that's the end of my story. About the ward round today, I clerked two patients. One with deep laceration wound of right forefoot with tendon cut, and another (my CWU patient - yes, I find my case early, learned my lesson already haha) is an 8-year-old Orang Asli with Monteggia fracture/dislocation of left radius/ulna.

I listened to my friends clerking a 33-year-old patient with recurrent Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc (PID). When Mr.Zamzuri came and did Straight Leg Raising test and Sciatic Stretch test, we were there watching! And both tests were positive! That was my first time seeing that! (yeahh I know it's already Week 9 and I should have seen more cases, but heyyy - at least I got one nowwww)

We also joined Mr.Shahidan's teaching session in which he discussed about physical examination on diabetic foot ulcer patient. Remember 3, 5, 5!

3 for Immunopathy
1. Ulcer and swelling
2. Bone tenderness for OM
3. Joint movement for septic arthritis

5 for Vasculopathy
1. Colour
2. Temperature
3. CRT
4. Pulses and ABSI
5. Buerger's test

5 for Neuropathy
1. Pin prick sensation
2. Vibration
3. Proprioception
4. Ankle jerk
5. Monofilament test

Then we met Mr.Kamarul in the ward, he taught us a bit about fractures (spiral, oblique, transverse) and how to differentiate deviation, angulation, displacement on XRay.

Ohhhh. It's late. I should go get ready. By 245 I should be driving to the campus. Dont wanna be late!

And! Mr.Shahidan asked us about Nobel Prizes - we didnt know. He told us to read. So here they are:

6 categories in Nobel Prizes and Laureates :
Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economic Sciences.

The winners for Medicine?
These are the guys!
Read 'em!

I gotta go! You have a good day and take care! :D


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