Sunday, November 17, 2013

Of Internship and Doodles

My eldest sister came home looking excited. She showed me these:

Rotation of 2-year-housemanship in Hospital Kemaman!!

Wahhhh! Dr. Sh. Nur Afifah!!! :D

Procedures to be performed, observed and assisted

Looks cool!

Certification of Completion of Training

Guidebook for HO and the yellow card!

She's gonna start working tomorrow. She'll drive to the hospital, not sure if she wants to stay at the hostel or not. My Mom suggested she stays at home, and drive to the hospital everyday. Still in discussion though.

After 2 years of housemanship, she will officially become a doctor and get her medical license. As for me, after 2 years, I'll graduate! Ahhh cant waitt!!

Anywayss, felt like doodling :D

Miles apart

Yes! For you :)

Science vs History

That curly hair ;)

You have a GOOD day okay. And everything's gonna be alright :)


  1. salam.. hai! goodluck for your final pro exam. :)
    btw, may i know how ur sister get going now in kemaman?? because im interested on applying my houseman there in kemaman. tq in advance ;)

  2. Hi thanks for the wish :) She is currently doing Paeds posting in HSNZ, Terengganu since Hospital Kemaman doesnt have NICU.. I dont know much, but I know she is definitely enjoying her housemanship there! She said the doctors are all nice!

  3. Hello, how is it being a HO in Kemaman? How many HO in one dept? How's the rotation like?

    Thank you