Sunday, November 03, 2013

Volunteering at Casa Harapan DIC, Kuantan

So this morning, about 30 of us went to pay a visit to a shelter for HIV women and kids at Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan. Most of the kids are orphans, or they never know who their parents are. It's sad, I know.

Before I go any further, here's news about the house.

Initially my dear friend Sally aka Salihah asked me to help with the mural/wall paintings in the library. I told her that I have no experience in drawing ON THE WALL, but she didnt mind. Since she didnt have anyone else to ask for help, I kinda wanted to offer mine.

So weeks ago, Saly, Nani and I went to see the library. And that was the first time I went there.

It was full with furnitures and toys!
She showed the wall where the mural was supposed to be
Couldnt quite see the wall because of the furnitures
It has air-con and ceiling fan

So after weeks of postponing the program, finally we planned to do the program this weekend - that was today. We were divided into two groups - one to spent time with the kids in Teluk Chempedak, and the second group works on the library. I am with the library team.

If it's up to me, I would order every member of the library team to get to the library as early as 8am! Because there are just so many things to do - like moving the furnitures out of the room, cleaning the wall, taking measurements, drawing, mixing the paints, painting the pictures with white, and only then painting them with bright colours, washing the floors and lastly, moving the furnitures, toys and books inside, arranging them nicely.

And I know it very well, when the leader says 8.30am to move from UIA - everyone would think that it means 8.30 is the time when you get ready and wear your shirts and all. When he says 8.30, that means half an hour LATER. It's totally okay, let's all NOT be on time. It's not a big deal. Being on time is not important at all. So totally not. Why do you need to be so strict about it anywayy? It's just time.

It's just time? Yeah right.

But of course, I wouldnt want to impose. So Farah and I went to library first and get started. When they reached there half an hour later, we already finished moving the furnitures out. Now you see how important being on time is? And if we get started early, we can finish the work early. And get rest.

Okay okay enough talking about time. I get it I get it. Time is important. Full-stop.

Its not like you are always on time yourself. Sometimes you are late too. Remember the time when you were locked out of the lecture hall because you were late? That was you who came late to the class, rightt?

Now can we move on, please? :P


Fineeeee. Let's now move on to the work we have done on the wall!

Since I didnt take any picture of myself, so here I took one from my friend Fareez.

Ahhh I should have turned to face the camera!

There were 8 of us working together to paint the wall. If not for their great help, I dont think that we would have finished the paintings before 5. Good job, girls! :D

The alphabets
The second painting
Now let's move the furnitures insideeee!!!
Colourful tables!
More shelves!
Pink! :D
Done and done!! :D

We finished at 400++ in the evening. It was quite an experience working with the paintings!

The kids looked very happy. And that's all that matters :)

Now you! Go do something useful with your time!! :P

EDIT: The picture of us that Fais uploaded on FB! What a memory! :D

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