Sunday, November 10, 2013


Yesterday we presented a seminar on Musculoskeletal Infections. Yeah I know it's Saturday, but our supervisor was kinda busy, so we had to do it on weekend. Five of us presented on Acute Osteomyelitis, Chronic Osteomyelitis, Acute Suppurative Arthritis, Tuberculosis of spine and Implant-related infections respectively. I presented on Acute Suppurative Arthritis. The slides are here:

It ended at 1230pm. Supposedly we had to present our CPC case on Supracondylar fracture of humerus, but it was postponed to another time.

I saw this yesterday!
Scary, I knowww.

Mr.Raffael suggested us to attend this event

Saw this at JHC
The same event, but a simpler poster.

Read some stuff yesterday. Got to know about IIUM Radio! :)

Bieber-free music, hahaha

So that was all about yesterday. Slept early.

This very early morning, my Mom woke me up at 7am - said that some people will come to our house, so I had to get ready. I was like, IT'S SEVEN IN THE MORNINGGG!!! (But of course, I didnt say it out loud)

It turned out that the two uncles came for a purpose : To find a potential husband for my sister! One of them is like a matchmaker of some sort. He always helps to unite Syed and Syarifah. My Mom told me that he is very good in doing that. Many have found partners with his help. He knows stuff.

I'd like to stress again : It's for my eldest sister, okay. I am not a part of it! Just to be clear! Hahahhaha

The uncle then asked to see my sister. He gave advice on the ways to make it easier to find a life partner. A Syed, to be exact. And he said stuff about preserving our prophet's bloodline, and the rewards in heaven et cetera et cetera. My mother and I were there at the table, listening as well. 

He asked for my sister's birth date and age. He didnt ask much about what kind of guy my sister would like to have as a husband. He just advised my sister to keep praying, and not to be so negative about this matter.  

After about an hour, they went back. Soo, that's how it's done. I am so curious whether this will work out or not! Let's just see how it goes! Hehehe. And of course, I pray hard for my sister to get a husband soon!! She is 24 and she is about to become a doctor! She should get married and have lots of babies! :D

Awww. Babies. Cute little babies.

Now I gotta do some readings!!!

Speaking of which, I have read somewhere on the internet, that guys actually need some time alone too! This is the time where he should not be disturbed. Even if you feel like talking to him all day, dont! You gotta give him some space!

You have a good day, okay! And stay strong!! :)

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