Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas at Berjaya Megamall Kuantan

I drove my sister to the city to buy her stuff and we went to Megamall. 

Guess how they decorated the mall for Christmas?

One thing for sure - it is not as pretty as in KL!! Whyyyyyy :(

Holly Jolly Christmas

Polystyrene smiling snowman

I like the Santa.

Awww :D

Do you know that they sell RM8-10 novels at Popular? :O
Yeah seriously.

Valuable Life Lessons:
1. Never get involved with a person having an ex. He is bound to go back together with her anyway. I thought that ex means former, the past, no longer with? And that means moving on, starting a new life, right? Well, I guess I was wrong. Well, what do I know about relationship and stuff? Apparently nothing.

2. Never repeat the same mistake twice.

3. Become a better Muslim.

My eldest sister is at home doing calculation of her new salary at the computer. Yeah, the new doctor in the house is gonna get her first paycheck :)

Please come quick 2015. Please Please.

I'll be okay as long as I have you, right God? :)

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