Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KL Vacation Part 1

Hi Hi Hi, here are the pictures when my friends and I had our forensic posting in Hospital Kuala Lumpur last week. Well, photos of our outings, actually. Hehe.

MONDAY - Times Square (Monorel Imbi)

Christmas tree at TS!! :D

Pretty!! (the Christmas tree, I meant :P)


TUESDAY - Sunway Pyramid (KTM Subang Jaya + Bus)

Christmas deco there! :D

Blue Blue Blue!


Have a Merry Fairie Christmas

Yeaa we went Ice-skating!! :D

The ice rink!


RM 25 per person (since it's school holiday)
RM 8 for gloves
RM 5 for socks
(Next time you go there, bring your own gloves and socks!)


WEDNESDAY - The Mines (KTM Serdang)

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale!!!! :D

They are not kidding when the say 'The WORLD'S BIGGEST book sale!'

Our way back home
With Izzatul, my high school friend :)
(She's getting engaged soon, lucky girl)

Memory :)

Oh yeah. The books I bought!
RM 8 for a novel, it's UNBELIEVABLE!! :D

So worth it!!! :D

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...done!

I think I'm gonna watch TV all day today, while doing my work on laptop. I just watched a Kpop MV on Astro HITZ : Juicy Juicy by Una that goes like this - 'I'm so juicy juicy all day..' What the...seriously??! Dont you have better lyrics to write?! Sheesh. (Don't let me start on Bruno Mars' Gorilla, that song has the worst lyrics ever)

I'll upload the rest of the pictures in my next post. Just a moment.

First thing first. I am gonna make myself Megi Kari!! Hehe :D

You have a GOOD dayyy!! And eat healthy stuff! :P

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