Friday, December 13, 2013

Of Aquaria KLCC

No new post-mortem case today. But we met Dr.Kharmila, an ex-UIA student! First batch. She checked our logbook, showed us sample of case reports as well as forensic forms and documents. She told us stories of her student life in UIA 14 years ago. She is very nice. I like her.

Today is our last day in HKL! Yayy!! Hehe.

I'll compile all the pictures we had taken and upload them later.

For now, here. Photos of Aquaria, KLCC.

Walking to Aquaria

'Welcome, Adlin!!', says Rocky :D

Waiting in line to buy tickets
The counter opens at 1030am

Piranha Feeding Show :O

Piranha tank

It's feeding time!!

The soft and squishy Gamat in the pool

Electric Eel..bzzzzzz

Electric catfish! :O

Elephant nose fish! :O

Cute otter! :D

Otter's anatomy...awww. So cute la youu..

Tarantula?? TARANTULA???!!

Iguana! :O

Huge fish tank!


A kiss?? ;)

Huge fish! :O

In the tunnel


Shark! Wait a minute, a SHARK???!

Whoah. CRABS!! :O

Japanese spider crab!

Neon murals..pretty!!

The exit!

So...that's all about Aquaria! It is an interesting place to visit, do come here and see all the sea creatures!!

You have a nice dayy!! Byebyee!! :D

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