Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Of First Body and Snowalk

Today we observed Dr.Farah did post-mortem on a 32-year-old Indian man who died of PCM and Chlorox poisoning. He was admitted at 2pm yesterday and died at 940pm. His body was kept in refrigerator and post-mortem was scheduled to be at 9am this morning.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the room. It was interesting in a way that you can learn Anatomy from the deceased.

When we entered the room, a body was already on the table. Dr.Farah MO, a medical assistant and a PPK were there. Photographs were taken during the post-mortem process.

A long midline incision was made from sternum down to symphisis pubis. Then Y incision around the neck. Another one across the head. The MA worked on getting the brain out, while Dr.Farah was on the neck and abdomen.

All organs were taken out and weighed. HPE samples, blood, urine, gastric lavage were also collected. Organs were photographed and sliced, to detect any abnormalities. In this case, we could see edematous larynx and esophageal erosions.

Then all organs were put back inside the body and MA did the sutures. The procedure ended at 1030am. Ahh I wish we were allowed to take pictures.

We have seen 1 post-mortem case now! Yay!!

These are the pictures of Snow Walk in iCity Shah Alam. Enjoy!!

The entrance

The fee

Mommy's girlss :D


Brr. Cold!!

Wahh! Snowmen!!

Going downnn...ahhhh!!

Pretty swans!

In the snowww

I wanna see real snow though. Some day I will! I wanna travel to a country during winter season!! I want!

Gotta go. Have to walk to HKL after this. Then, to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in The Mines!! Cant wait!!! :D

Have a good day, youuu!! 

And go READ A BOOK!!!! :D

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