Monday, December 23, 2013

Of First Day in Specialised Posting (Anaes)

Hi Hi Hi we meet again! :D

First, let's start off with these:

Oh yeah? ;)

I love reading these 'Psychology Myths and Quotes'
They are interesting!

Anywayyy, moving onnnn:

The timetable

Our first day in Anaesthesiology posting - Zulaikha, Fatimah and I watched 3 operations today. One with Dr.Selva (Ortho), one with Dr.Aaalia (Surgery) and the last with Dr.Hasniza (ENT). 

We saw testicle (yeaa the one in the scrotum) LIVE! The patient presented with scrotal swelling and pain. The doctor suspected he had testicular torsion so operation was carried out. It turned out that he had testicular abscess.

The surgeon cut through the scrotal skin (through the layers - skin, dartos, external spermatic fascia, cremasteric fascia,internal spermatic fascia) and there it was - a testicle! :O It looks like durian seed, or an egg, or a rock. Well, I think it's more like the durian seed. The shape, not the colour. It has smooth surface! It looked smooth, and kinda shiny! It's amazing! :O How God created an organ containing milions of sperms that will in turn helping in making babies - that is beyond our knowledge! :O 

We didnt scrub, if we did - we'll be holding it! How cool would that be? :O It's like handling the most precious organ in a man's body. Handle it with care! One wrong move and there will be consequences! Infertility problem among others. Well, he got another testicle to compensate, but still, you never know. Wait, why do I write about testicle and this stuff anyway? Sorry sorry let's move on.

We had session with Dr.Rasydan at the GOT too. We watched a case of non-functional pituitary macroadenoma. :O right? I know.

We have two weeks to complete the logbook and submit 2 case write-ups! 

Can we do it on time? Yes we can! ( We can? -..-' )

Christmas at ECM aka Capital Mall
They have SANTA!! :O

Ohhh. So many presents!!
Can I have one? :D

We don't celebrate Christmas, but I do love to see the beautifully-decorated and colourful and wonderful Christmas trees! They are prettyyyy :D

Enough of that for now. 

Let's be a good student and read something, okay? 

If not much, just a little bit. One page. (Or a paragraph)

Can I watch a movie first? It's 'Epic'!!

Okay okay. But right after it ends, read up!

Fineeee. Just a paragraph, right?? ;)

You have a good dayy! :D

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