Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Of Gangnam Station and iCity Shah Alam

Hello Hello! Today is our second day at HKL, but we havent seen any case yet. 

So, since I got no story to tell you about forensic and medical stuff.. here. These are photos of our vacation at iCity.

I wish we had brought a digital camera though.

iCity is a fun place to hang out with family or friends. They got Wax Museum, Snow Walk, Amusement parks, 5D and 6D theatres, House of Horror and many more.

We went there at about 10pm amd went back to the hotel at 12am. The park opens until 1-2am btw

Before iCity, we had dinner at Gangnam Station, a Korean restaurant.

The restaurant

Front desk


The menu

The promotion

On the table


Yum Yum!!

Pilihan Jalan Jalan Cari Makan :O

Satisfied customers :D

After dinner, we went to iCity!

Here we go!!

People everywhere

Adlin on the road

The amusement park

So high!!

I want Teddy!!! Gimme!!

Riding a small train
6D Motion Theatre

We watched Alien Safari

No camera inside pleasee!! :P

We didnt go inside, too scaryyy!!


I'll upload pictures at Wax Museum and Snow Walk later.

I dont like blogging on my phone. Because its too difficult to edit the writing. And to upload pics. And to write using small QWERTY. But writing using my phone is much much better than using the tablet.

Anywayss, gotta go!! We plan to go ice-skating later!! So...see you!!! Byebyeee!!

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