Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Of GOT and Changes

We went to General Operation Theatre today (yeah I know it's Christmas holiday, but we had class at 500pm so we went to OT before that) wearing our new OT Gown!!! :D

The hallway

The entrance

In our new gown (grey colour)
Group hug!! :D

Show offff :P

Recovery Room

Leisure :)

This coming New Year 2014, I am planning to do some changes:

Like deleting some of my social accounts.

Gmail stays but I have to let go of Yahoo. No more Yahoo Messenger. I am trying to forget.

WhatsApp and KakaoTalk stay but Kik has to go, I am changing for the better.

I have Twitter, I dont post there much but I am keeping it.

Facebook STAYS! I get updates from my classmates and old friends and relatives through that, how can I delete my account?

Instagram is going private. This blog might have to go private too. It's kinda difficult to write what I really really really wanna write about when I know people are going to read my thoughts.

So 2014! I am looking forward to some changes! :D

Sorry guys, you have to live without me! ;)

Don't worry, you'll survive!!

Have a good dayy!!! :D

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