Sunday, December 22, 2013

Of Hedgehog, AgingBooth and Letting Go

I have mentioned about my sister's hedgehogs before, right? 

My sister has two hedgehogs (one male one female) and the female had given birth to three cute little babies. Jehan brought the male hedgehog home yesterday and asked me to take care of it (can I use him instead of it? I know it's the wrong pronoun to use for an animal but what the heck I am not writing an English essay here) until January 5 (thats when she comes back home for long holiday).

Jehan wanted to call him Baby - I told her that it's an ambiguous term, you cant tell whether it's male or female. Plus, when he gets old then the term Baby is irrelevant. Adlin then said, 'How about Marvellous?' - that made me laughed really hard.

I told my sisters that we're gonna call him Miki aka Mickey. As in Mickey Mouse. Although he's really not a mouse. But he's small and looks like mouse. Well kinda. Only that he doesnt have long tail. And he has those small, small but not-very-sharp spiky thorns on his body.

I still cant get myself to hold him. What if it bites?? Jehan said that he doesnt bite, I just have to make sure my hands are clean and dont smell of food. Great. I asked her whether Miki had ever bitten her, at first she said No. Then she said only once. But his teeth are not sharp. Its not going to hurt, not much. Great. Very comforting, Jehan. Very.

A short clip I took this morning. I have to admit, he is kinda cute, but - that doesnt make me less scared to touch him!

Ohh. Here's something to cheer you up - it's an app called AgingBooth. 

I keep telling Adlin not to install any app (games or any kind) into my Tab, but she keeps NOT listening to me. Whyy Adlinn Whyyyyy *sigh* 

This app is kinda interesting, actually. Hehe.

You ready??

I give you.... the old me!! Hahaha
Okay okay another one another one:

Hahahaha how can you NOT laugh at THATTT??
It's really funny!

Awwwww. I look so OLDDD!!

That's all for now! Hopefully that will make you feel better.

Please feel better.

I end this post with this MV:

Don't let them in, don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
Well now they know

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back any more
Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
What they're going to say
Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway

Way to go, Demi!

My sisters and I will go out to the city after Zuhr, to the mall to buy some stuff. I'll look out for the Christmas deco as usual ;)

You have a good day okay! And cheer up! Dont be sad!

There you go. A smile :)

Gotta go gotta go. I have some work to do before we go out.

I'll see you when I see youu. Byebyeee!

ps. I am starting to like Helvetica. It looks more...matured.

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