Thursday, December 05, 2013

Quick Quick

I wanted to write about our renovated house. I wanted to write about the police report that I made regarding the accident. I wanted to talk about stuff.

But I kinda have to go. We are going to KL for a couple of days,. Well, until Sunday to be exact. Because there is the possibility of more rain and blackouts for the next few days, we have decided (more like my Mom decided!) for all of us to go to KL, and stay in a hotel.

I dont wanna go, Id rather stay in the house, in the dark. I dont really mind. But she insisted. Plus, I have forensic posting in KL next week, so better if I go there with them.

Here. Just two pictures to commemorate the end of Orthopaedics posting:

With Mr.Rafael and Mr.Fadzli

Prof.Kamarul joined in

Please pray for our safety!

Byebyeeeee :D

You have a good dayy!!!

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