Thursday, December 19, 2013


I knew they wouldnt like the alphabets! I knew it!

So I changed to a more appropriate and formal ones, hehe

Still, I have my doubt whether they are gonna like it or not.

I remember when I met my Professor few months before I took my first professional exam (thats about 2 years ago), over my decision to quit medicine change course to Multimedia - he said that anyone can take up the Multimedia degree and be successful, even he himself can do it. Because it's easy, you can learn to design stuff by yourself, with the help of internet - but not everyone can learn Medicine.

I do know that, I know. But what's wrong in pursuing your dream? Would it hurt to do a job that you love? Sure, everyone can do Multimedia. Can I be one of them? I wanna be one of them.

He also told me that even if I go into Multimedia, there's no guarantee that I will be successful. Because designs, drawings and artsy stuff - you need to learn for a few years to master the technique.

There was a part of me dying to prove him wrong.

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