Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Days of Ortho Exam

We have electricity back at the house! I better write something fast just in case it turns off again.

Okay. The Exam.

Starting with 15 MCQs and 10 OBAs on Monday, 8.30am. We were given an hour to answer those. Then at 10am, first PMP started with first trigger. The case was about deep laceration wounds with ankle dislocation and fractures of metatarsals, if I get the diagnosis right (hehe). My friend said that there was calcaneal fracture as well, I am not sure about it. The following triggers were given few minutes after we get the previous one. 

Then at 11am, it was the second PMP case. It was about Osteosarcoma in a 17-year-old boy who presented with pain and swelling at shoulder following a trivial fall. The PMP session ended at 12pm. I had to admit, I would have answered the questions better if I were given more time on the triggers. It was a bit tough. Well, not a bit. Moderately tough. Hehe.

After that, I went back home for lunch. Then went to campus at 130pm for VIVA. You know what happened. So I'll just proceed with Tuesday.

My Long Case session started at 9am. I was given a Trauma case to be clerked, a 17-year-old Malay student with NKMI or drug allergy, admitted a month ago, following a MVA (MB vs car) where he presented with left leg pain and deformity. His diagnosis at that time was Open Frcature Grade IIIB. He had undergone two operations before. The first one was done on the day of admission - Wound Debridement, Wound Exploration and External Fixation. 

The second operation was done a week after due to continuous fever and pain at fracture site following the first operation. Second debridement, Split Skin Graft, Replacement of External Fixation and Insertion of Bone Graft + Tobramycin Beads were done. Currently, he is looking well and comfortable in the ward. No fever or any signs of infection at the pin site.

I got Mr.Shahidan for Long Case. He listened to my presentation, asked me to give a summary of the case and went straight to XRay interpretation. He was in a good mood, I was thankful for that. Right after the exam finished, he asked 'So shall I give you Pass or Fail?'. I just smiled and said, 'Up to you'.

On our way upstairs to 5B, he asked again. Pass or Fail? DR, PLEASE GIVE ME A PASS! JUST A PASS! - of course I didnt say that! I didnt even know if I deserved a Pass or not. Then he asked about antibiotics that should be given to this patient. It's Grade III, so we give Cefuroxime, Gentamicin and Metronidazole. What are those antibiotics for? To cover aerobes and anaerobes. Which one covers which organism? I was stuck one that question. I only know about Flagyl for anaerobes and those other two for aerobes. 

Then Mr.Shahidan explained about the other two antibiotics, I couldnt concentrate well on his explanations because before that, he just told me that he should give me 49 because I didnt manage to answer that last question. Oh great. I hope he was kidding. I reaaally hope he was kidding.

After Long Case, I had Short Case with Mr.Nazri. I like Mr.Nazri, I always liked him. He is a laid-back surgeon, very easygoing. He asked me to examine a case of Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcer, with Neuropathy. Starting with introduction, exposure, general examination and then go lower limb. After I examined, he asked about diagnosis. 

Then the time was up. 10 minutes sharp. That's all. I was like, so fast?! Then I said thank you and walked away. It felt weird, I felt weird, because it all happened so fast. I wasnt sure if I was doing okay or not. But hopefully it will turned out good. I think I could get 50. I hope so.

Now I am going back to sleep! 

You have a good day okayy!


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