Monday, December 02, 2013

The Worst Day of My Life

I need to write this down. I have to.

At about 145pm today, I had an accident.

Mechanism of accident? I drove the car at about 70-80km/h, wearing seatbelt. It was raining heavily. Pools of water were on the road, I drove past by. I lost control of the car due to slippery road. I hit the brake, the car skidded, hitting the other pool of water. It went over the divider, spinned, the back of my car hit the tall lamp post, thus explaining why my car looked like this:

It happened really quick. I was inside the car and I could feel it was turning right and left. I couldnt see anything because it was raining.

See my two pillows there, one on your right, and the other on the far left?
Now you can imagine how bad the accident was.

I was lucky that there were no other cars (or lorry) the time it happened.

I was lucky my car was not flipped over.

I was lucky that I was not dead.

Thank you God, for sparing my life.

I got out of the car, feeling a bit dizzy. My neck hurt as well as my right shoulder. But rest assured, there is no serious injury. No open wound or deformity, no shortness of breath, no nausea or vomiting, no chest, abdominal, pelvic or back pain. Yeah I clerked myself.

I called my Dad to come and pick me up. Because I had exam in about half an hour, at 230pm. I didnt wanna be late.

I called my friend Elle to tell her that I might be coming late to exam. Just in case the lecturers are looking for me, she knows what to say.

An uncle was kind enough to help me with the car, saying that he will call a friend to tow the car. I waited there until my Dad and my Mom came. They looked worried, asking me questions, and told me not to think much about it because I have to focus on the VIVA exam.

Then my Dad sent me to the campus. It was a 10-minute oral examination. There are two lecturers (one senior and one junior lecturer) who will give you a set of questions for you to answer, orally, right at that moment.

I got Prof. Kamarul and Mr. Rafael. The first two questions that Prof.Kamarul asked when I sat on the chair were, 'So how was the accident? How did it happen?'. 

I had to admit, those were the toughest questions among all. He did ask if I was okay before he started the exam. He asked me to take three deep breaths. That helped a bit to calm me down. 

My questions were about non-union, malunion, delayed union, management of a patient who presented with tibia fibula fracture Grade IIIb and role of external fixation.

I wished that I didnt have to take the exam, because what I really wanted to do at that time was crying my heart out. I didnt feel good at all.

Well, I did cry in the middle of the exam though. Mr.Ariff told us (especially me) a week ago that we must not cry during the exam no matter how difficult it gets. And I have failed to do what he said. I hate myself for that.

The scariest day of my life.
One that I will never forget.

Tomorrow is gonna be my last day of exam.

I reaallyy hope that I can do much better than today.

Now what I need is a nap.

You have a good day okay.


Please drive safely.

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