Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Do you know how hard it is to write about your feelings? It's really hard trust me.

For example, if you were asked, How do you feel about this one person? You can't just answer, I think I like him. You think? You don't know about your own feelings that you have to think about it?

I like him because he is kind, caring and understanding. I like him so much it hurts.

I think it is important to question ourselves. Why are you sad? Why do you become angry? Why are you worried? Why are you doing this? Why do we need to do this? Is this the right thing to do?

I think it is important to understand ourselves.

I just finished reading Jodi Picoult's Lone Wolf - that explains this random post about feelings and stuff. I am always amazed by her style of writing. How she describes her characters so well. How she makes her readers see from different point of views. How she writes about feelings. Her novels never fail to make me cry. How does she do that?

That's the novel, and that's Jodi Picoult

I started reading English novels at age 13. If you ask me to choose only one favourite author, it's either Jodi Picoult or Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Jodi Picoult's novels always have something educational to offer, like in Lone Wolf - you learn about wolves and the ethical issues of euthanasia. Susan Elizabeth Phillips' novels are the romantic-feel-good kind of readings, and I like that. Who doesn't love a happy ending? :)

I remember the time when I was staying in a female hostel in Glasgow, there was this middle-aged American lady, after a few minutes of conversation, asking me, 'How come your English is so good?'

I giggled (because that question took me by surprise, I was arranging for an answer in my mind) and then I told her that English is our second language here in Malaysia, and we Malaysians must learn English since primary school. She then said something like, I also have Asian friends, but their English is not as good as yours.

Oh well. I could feel my cheeks burning. I didn't really like receiving compliments. I still don't. Why? Wait I have to think about the answer first. Can I get back to you later? Hahahaha

Ohh back to the story. I mentioned that I like to read English novels, and watch English movies, listen to English songs, plus our medical books are all in English, our university uses English, seminars and presentations all in English, so maybe that's the reason why. She had that doubtful look on her face (I had no idea why), so I decided to change the topic of conversation. We then talked about her family.

I miss travelling. I miss meeting random people. I miss....everything.

Okaaaayyy Nurul Ain. Get back to reality now. Enough daydreaming will you?

Okie dokie! I am off nowwww.

Youuu....have you finished reading yet? Hehehe ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Late Night Videos

I am impressed with Blank Space. 7/11 is weird. Look at how he dances in Uptown Funk. No Type is so not my type of music. She is so sweet in Lips Are Moving. CoCo makes me speechless. Only has too many bad words, if only they can swear less. I cringe at Love Me Harder. Thinking Out Loud get me thinking of someone special. Women can fight in Black Widow. I can feel her pain in The Heart Wants What It Wants. Baby It's Cold Outside is cute cute cute! I like how he raps in Guts Over Fear, and it made me google Sia. I only watched half of L.A.Love. Apparently is apparently not my kind of song. Too many girls in Bang Bang. Hold You Down? - no thank you. He still got groove in New Flame. DnF is just ughh. Post To Be? - oh you mean Suppose To Be?

I'm Not The Only One breaks my heart. I Don't Mind - really? I - nope. Love 'Em All - nope. The Pinkprint Movie is too long. Please don't watch Body Language. I'm Not Gonna Miss You is sad. I have hard time understanding Perfect Imperfection. Who does not love Steal My Girl? I don't like Fireball, I Need War or Try Me. Burnin' It Down is sexy. Centuries MV match the song lyrics. Jealous is nothing interesting. Why do they sing about Touchin, Lovin anyway? Cool Kids is cool. Text Me Merry Christmas makes me go awww. Not my kind of song, Recognize. It looks fun dancing in Something In The Water.

Yonce, Sun Daze, Often, Ugly Boy, Baby Don't Lie, The Devil In I, Milk Marie - no no and no. This Is How We Do is very colourful. Heroes (we could be) is inspiring. Why is she dancing like that in Yellow Flicker Beat? These guys in The Trooper Overture are good! Talladega is not actually filmed in Talladega. I See You is cheesy. Telegraph Ave, Not For Long, Stand For - nope. Dirty Vibe is downright scary, even though G Dragon is in it. Till It's Gone is surprisingly good. I only watched a few seconds of Made Me and Drown

Open Wide is a no no. Girl In A Country Song makes me laugh. Spark The Fire has too much energy. Pole dancers are everywhere in She Knows. Don't **** with my love. It's a surprise to see GD and Taeyang's Good Boy in the chart. It's a no to Let Me Know, Beg For It and Or Nah. Pretend and Somewhere In My Car are okay. Right Back nope. The amazing dancer featured in Chandelier is Maddie Ziegler, an eleven-year-old girl. Blame is okay, Word Crimes is very educational you have to watch hahaha. Drinking Class is okay. Immortals is a song from Big Hero 6, the new Disney movie inspired by Marvel comic.

Faneto Prod is just weird. About The Money is all about money. Handsome and Wealthy, seriously? I Don't Get Tired is a no. I Hate To See Your Heart Break. Shut Up and Dance, Walk Thru, 2015 Flow, Maybe I Should Call....Wrong Side of Heaven is about US Veterans, a sad song I must say. I prefer Dirt than Haunted. What's with Sledgehammer? On The Steps Of The Palace is a soundtrack from Disney's Into The Woods. I Bet My Life is beautiful. Sick Like Me and What God Wants For Christmas

100 videos from YouTube's Popular Music Videos Playlist. Done and Done.

Here are my favourite ten:

1. Taylor Swift's Blank Space

2. Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

3. Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One

4. One Direction's Steal My Girl

5. SNC feat. Kristen Bell - Text Me Merry Christmas 

6. Yelawolf's Till It's Gone

7. Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song

8. Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes

9. Paramore feat. Joy Williams - Hate To See Your Heart Break

10. Imagine Dragons's I Bet My Life

I am going to bed now. Goodnightt :)

#prayforpantaitimur #prayforQZ8501

Friday, December 26, 2014

Digital Drawing

I always draw my doodles by using Paint. Tonight I was thinking of doing something special. There's no need to use fancy equipment, what you need is just a laptop, Paint and CorelDRAW.

First, draw in a piece of paper.
Snap a photo of it, and transfer it to your laptop.

By using Corel, trace the picture back.
You can see that the lines are very clear and smooth, even in zoom mode.

Then, save it in .png format and open it in Paint.
Colour your picture. It's done!

And there you have it. Your own digital drawing :)

Have a good holiday, people! 


How long can we keep this up?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Examination in Psychiatry Posting

So I have finished my exam yesterday. Let me tell you how we were assessed in this 7-week-posting. Apart from logbook completion, seminar presentations, department case presentation (DCP), case presentations, tutorial, oncalls, reports, case write-up - let's focus more on the exams.

First, short cases examination. It is different from every other postings where you have short case conducted right after long case exam in the end of posting. In psychiatry, two short cases are conducted during the study period. You will be assessed by your own mentor. You will be divided into 8 small groups and each group has its own mentor.

For my group (Firdaus, Aida, Me), our mentors were Dr.Hanisah from week 1-4 and Dr.Ali Sabri from week 5-7. So our first short case exam was conducted in week 4. It was held in Psychiatric Ward, HTAA. All three of us sat in the room, and Dr. Hanisah brought us patients, one at a time. First, it was Firdaus's turn. He got an Indonesian man with Schizophrenia. Aida got a female patient with Bipolar Disorder, and I got a male patient with Schizophrenia, who had restricted affect and was so preoccupied on how to get a license.

We were given 10 minutes to clerk the patient. Dr.Hanisah listened to each one of us interviewing the patients. And when the time's up, we presented the case to her. After history, she asked us to do Mental State Examination, followed by provisional and differential diagnoses, investigations and management. We finished the exam around noon.

Short case with Dr.Ali in week 7 was different. Since he did not understand Bahasa Malaysia well, we were given 10 minutes to clerk the patients, another 10 minutes to translate to Dr.Ali what did we ask the patients, 10 minutes to do Mental State Examination (eg. how to test patient's memory,  or abstract thinking), and then the discussion on investigations and management. That time we were not sitting in the room together. We were assessed one by one. That means, one student, one patient and Dr.Ali. It was more like preparing us for the end posting examination.

I went in first and got a male patient with Schizophrenia, presented with 3 days history of hearing voices and belief that he had special power aka 'ilmu firasat'. Aida got a case of Bipolar Disorder again, and Firdaus got Schizophrenia. We finished the exam at 12pm.

Two short cases done, then we had VIVA aka logbook assessment with Dr.Hajee. It was conducted in week 7, on Friday. We were called into the meeting room, Level 4 Psychiatry Department, JHC group by group. When we were inside the room, we showed our logbook to Dr.Hajee, and he asked us either to present a case from our logbook, or he asked random questions. Aida was asked on 'What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?' and 'How do you do Deep Breathing Technique and Progressive Muscle Relaxation?'. I was asked to present a case of Bipolar Disorder. My question was 'How do you manage this case?' Then I answered, 'I would like to manage this patient by using bio-psyhosocial-spiritual approach. Starting with investigations, bla bla bla'. Then, Firdaus was asked to present a case of Parasuicide. He was asked a bit about history of the patient, the meaning of extended suicide and the management. Dr.Hajee wrote our mark inside our logbook, and then he kept them. Most of us got 6 over 10.

Last but not least, the end posting examination. It was held on 22-24th December 2014. First day was theory examination, and the last two days were clinical examination. On first day, as usual, at 9am we started with MCQ, OBA and the newly introduced Extended Matching Questions (EMQ). While other postings had to sit for OSPE, psychiatric students were exempted. At 230pm, we had PMP. First case was on Bipolar 1 Mood Disorder and the second case was on Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

My clinical examination was on Wednesday. I got patient from clinic, and my examiner was Dr.Kartini. Here's a case summary (EDITED VERSION) of my exam yesterday.

Mr.Z, a 61-year-old Malay man, an ex-smoker, married with 5 children, from Indera Mahkota 2, works as a director of his own company, educational level up to Diploma in Oslo Norway, first presented to psychiatric clinic in March 2014, with four months history of low mood and loss of interest, associated with weight loss, appetite loss, insomnia, fatigue, psychomotor retardation, difficulty to concentrate and feelings of guilt and worthlessness. He mentioned that his depression became worse in the evening. It all started after his company had financial problems and he had to borrow money from a lot of people. He also believed that there are people who are trying to harm him because of his debts. There were no other delusion or hallucination. There was no history of persistent elevation of mood. He did not have any history of substance use or any general medical condition like hypothyroidism. 

According to his wife, patient became restless and worried when he was thinking about his company. Patient also admitted to having anxiety and worry about his problem almost every day, associated with palpitation. He found it difficult to control the worry. There were no recurrent unexpected panic attacks, no fear of being in open space, no social or specific phobia, no OCD or PTSD symptoms and no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. All of the symptoms had caused impairment in his socio-occupational functioning where he rather stayed at home than going outside. 

He also complained of loss of recent memory. He always forgot where he put the car keys, and always asked his wife where they were going. There was no history of aphasia (language disturbance), apraxia (impaired ability to carry out motor activities despite intact motor function), agnosia (failure to recognize or identify objects despite intact sensory function) or disturbance in executive functioning (planning, organizing, sequencing, abstracting). There was no history of fluctuating level of consciousness or impaired orientation. He had no history of brain trauma or cerebrovascular diseases. 

Despite taking medications and compliant to them, he still had depressive symptoms, persecutory delusion and anxiety. His wife said patient was slightly better in terms of mood and social functioning. He can watch TV at home, talk to his children and discuss about company problems with his friends and children. Patient was on Mirtazapine (Remeron), Alprazolam (Xanax) and Quetiapine (Seroquel). Currently, he complained of numbness over left-sided of his body, numbness of both hands and constipation.

Other important history : Patient had history of similar depressive symptoms for 6 months duration in 1987 due to stress at workplace and he was well-treated. His parents died when he was a teenager, then taken care by his grandmother. Poor relationship with his 10 siblings. He had bedwetting episodes at age 6 until 7 and history of truancy in high school. His first wife died of renal problem in 2005 and he got married in 2007, had one son. Good relationship with his wife and children. Premorbid personality cheerful and liked to go karaoke with friends. He did not share his problems with other people. 

Mental state examination revealed a medium built man, looked his age, wearing a pair of spectacles, black jacket and shirt, a pair of black trousers and sandals. He was sitting comfortably on a chair and not restless. He looked sad. He had good rapport, good eye contact and comfortable. He spoke in Bahasa Malaysia, coherent and relevant. His speech was of low tone, reduced rate and amount. He said that he was feeling sad because he felt that everyone was angry at him. He had appropriate affect. There was no mood lability. He had no perceptual disturbances. He had no formal thought disorder. He had normal flow of thought. He still had persecutory delusion. He was preoccupied with his debts. There was no thought possessions, no suicidal or homicidal ideation. His orientation, attention and concentration, memory, knowledge, abstract thinking were intact. He had good judgment but poor insight. He attributed all his symptoms to a problem in his body, not his mind. He felt the need to take medications. 

Physical examination revealed normal vital signs, no thyroid enlargement and normal respiratory examination. Neurological examination was not done (I forgot! Grr)

Differential diagnosis:
Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic symptom

Provisional Diagnosis:
1. Pseudodementia
2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
3. Bipolar 2 Mood Disorder

Based on bio-psychosocial spiritual model 
Treat as outpatient, does not require hospitalisation

1. FBC (to check blood parameters before start medication)
2. RP/LFT (to check renal and liver function before start medication)
3. RBS (to rule out hyper or hypoglycemia)
4. BUSE (to rule out electrolyte imbalance)
5. TFT (to rule out hyper or hypothyroidism) 
6. ECG (to rule out cardiac problem in elderly)
7. MMSE (to rule out dementia)
8. Other tests to rule out dementia : Clock-drawing test, Trail-making test, Modified Mini Mental State Examination, Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).

To get collateral history from wife and family members 

To assess patient's obligation and responsibility towards God for further management later

1. Review old medications. If patient's condition improves and no side effects reported, continue. If not, reduce dose or change medications.
2. Start antidepressant preferably SSRI such as T.Fluoxetine 20mg OD. Side effects are headache, nausea, insomnia and sexual dysfunction.
3. Start anxiolytic preferably short-acting benzodiazepine such as T.Alprazolam 0.5mg TDS. Can use up until 6 weeks. Educate patient on tolerance and dependence.
4. Start antipsychotic preferably atypical such as T.Risperidone 0.5mg BD. Side effects are anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, constipation, nausea and rash.

1. Psychoeducate patient and family members on nature of illness and the need for treatment, side effects of medications, importance of compliance, course and prognosis, early warning signs
2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to correct patient's negative thinking such as feelings of guilt and worthlessness, advice patient on deep breathing techniques
3. Family Therapy to involve family together in taking care of patient

Advice patient to pray, recite Quran, zikr and take wudhu' as a form of relaxation therapy

All of us were given one hour to clerk patients and do examination. For this patient, I had difficulty in managing my time well. My first impression when I took history from patient was, this is definitely a case of MDD. And then, towards the end of 30 minutes of clerking, he mentioned that he had palpitation and anxiety. I was panicking for a while, thinking that this patient might have anxiety disorder and my history was pointing towards MDD! Luckily he did not have any episodes of panic attacks, if not I would be dead! It was more like GAD, thats what I was thinking. I completed MSE and PE in a rush, checked his BP and HR, when suddenly the patient's wife and son came into the room. I chatted to his wife and did examination at the same time. A few minutes later, I was asked by staff nurse if I have finished examining the patient or not, because Dr.Kartini was waiting.

I quickly examined his lungs and forgot to do neurological examination. There wasnt enough time left anyway. So I thanked the patients and waited outside Dr.Kartini's room. Dr.Kartini called the patient inside first, and about 15 minutes later, I was called inside.

I missed a few points in history. I forgot to rule out Bipolar 2 mood disorder. I didnt manage to answer some of the questions given. I was a bit nervous. Anyway, hopefully I will pass the exam. Hopefully all of us will pass.

So...that's about all. Enjoy your holidays!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Found Laptop

I have found my lost laptop! :D

I lost it about three weeks ago, on Friday, 5/12/14 to be exact. I remember because it was the day I presented case presentation on Bipolar Disorder, and later in the evening, a seminar on Dissociative Disorder. When I got home later, I couldnt find my laptop. I forgot where I left it!

I checked musolla KOM, Bilik Mutiara HTAA, Lecture Hall IMC but nothing to be found. Someone must have already took it. Or worse, someone broke into my car and stole the laptop when I went to Megamall in the afternoon.

I was in the last stage of grief already. If my laptop is meant to be lost and I don't get it back, then I accept it. It's my fault, anyway. Serves me right. 

And then...last week, Saturday - my friend saw this note posted at the notice board in the musolla!

Laptop Acer! Silver! That sounds like mine!

First I called the number, unanswered. Then I texted. I got her reply few hours later, probably because she was busy. When she asked who am I, I told her that I am Sis Ain, 5th year medic. I read the text later and thought, Oh wow I am already in my last year of studies! Cant wait to graduate! That will only happen if you pass all the postings Nurul Ain! Its still a long way to go! EIGHT MORE MONTHS!! 

Oh anyway, I got my laptop this evening because she just came back from her grandmother's house today. I met her in her room. She's a sweet girl, smiling and friendly. A first year medical student, Khalilah is her name. I felt like hugging her when I saw her taking my laptop out from her locker - but I didnt do it of course. I barely know her, that would have been awkward. Just a handshake will do. Maybe I squeezed her hand too hard? Ah what the heck, I was so happy to see my laptop! I thanked her many times and gave her a packet of snacks. Later she asked me to pray for her success. And I said I will.

I am glad she kept my laptop safe. I pray that some day, if she loses her things, there will be people who help her like she did to me. I pray that she will be a successful Muslim doctor who serves our community well. 

It feels nice to know that kindness still exists. If all of us are kind to each other, then there will be no more news on violence, fights, shootings and killings, abuse, rape and all things bad. We will all live in peace and harmony. Why can't we have that?

I am never going to lose you again!

It's amazing how we deal with unpleasant experiences. We tell ourselves that we are not going to repeat the same mistake. When a similar situation happens, we keep reminding ourselves that, I have had this before, and I intend not to do it again. As we grow older, the more mistakes we make, the more things we learn, the wiser we become.

Maybe the best thing is to move on, Selena?

Now if you excuse me, I have to continue my revision. Tomorrow's the last day of exam!! Wish me luck!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rain Rain Rain Revision

It's raining! :D And I am sitting at the kitchen table writing this. Let's do some revision on important disorders in psychiatry okehh

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Schizophrenia
Taken from this website

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Bipolar Disorder Manic Episode
Taken from this website

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Major Depressive Disorder
Taken from this website

DMS-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Panic Attack
Taken from this website

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Panic Disorder Without Agoraphobia
Taken from this website 

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Taken from this website

DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Abuse and Dependence
Taken from this website

Okay now I am gonna make myself a hot cup of coffee! 

Byebyee youu and enjoy the cold weatherrr :D

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sleep Hygiene

So we know that sleep consists of two physiological states : 75% of rapid eye movement (REM) and 25% of nonrapid eye movement (NREM). It takes about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep. When we go to sleep, we will first experience NREM sleep, comprising of four stages. Stage I and Stage II occurs in the next 45 minutes. Stage II makes up 45% of our sleep. This is the time when you feel drowsy, and people can wake you up easily. But when it gets to Stage III and IV, this is the deep sleep. Largest stimulus is needed to arouse one in these stages. It is also the time when you experience sleepwalking or night terror. These stages last 45 minutes. After NREM, we will have REM sleep. We can say that average REM latency (from the time of sleep onset to REM onset) is 90 minutes. When we go into REM state, we DREAM

The characteristics of REM sleep aka paradoxical sleep: 
1. Rapid eye movements
2. Dreaming
3. Autonomic instability (increase heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate, increase variability of HR, BP and RR from minute to minute, appears similar to an awake person on EEG)
4. Tonic inhibition of skeletal muscle tone (paralysis)
5. Reduced in hypercapnic respiratory drive, no increase in tidal volume as partial pressure of carbon dioxide decreases
6. Relative poikilothermia (cold-bloodedness)
7. Penile tumescence or vaginal lubrication
8. Reduced sensistivity to sounds

So, throughout the night when we sleep, we will go through four stages of NREM sleep followed by REM sleep. However, as the night progresses, each REM period becomes longer, and stages III and IV disappear. Hence, further into the night, we will sleep more lightly and dream more. Here are some figures to help you understand further:

You can see that initially a person will experience stages I-IV, then REM but as the night progresses, stage III and IV disappear. REM sleep becomes longer. Taken from this website.

Stages of sleep defined by brain wave patterns taken from this website.

Summary taken from this website.

Now let's talk about SLEEP DISORDERS. It can be divided into primary (not caused by another mental disorder) and secondary (can be caused by major depressive disorder, panic disorder, schizophrenia etc. that lasts for at least 1 month).

Two main primary sleep disorders consist of DYSSOMNIAS (abnormalities in the quality, amount or timing of sleep) and PARASOMNIAS (unusual or undesirable phenomena during sleep or on the threshold of sleep).

Dyssomnias can be further divided into:
1. Primary insomnia (difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep) MOST COMMON TYPE
2. Primary hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness or excessive daytime sleep)
3. Narcolepsy (characterized by excessive daytime sleep attacks, brief muscle weakness, sleep paralysis, dreamlike experience during transition from wakefulness to sleep and vice versa with hallucination or illusion, short sleep latency)
4. Breathing-related sleep disorders (apneas, hypoapneas and oxygen desaturations)
5. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (misalignment between desired and actual sleep periods divided into delayed sleep phase, jet lag, shift work and unspecified)
6. Dyssomnias not otherwise specified (periodic leg movement disorder aka nocturnal myoclonus, restless leg syndrome aka Ekbom syndrome, Kleine-Levin syndrome, menstruation-associated syndrome, insufficient sleep, sleep drunkenness, altitude insomnia)

Parasomnias can be further divided into:
1. Nightmare disorder
2. Sleep terror disorder
3. Sleepwalking disorder aka somnambulism
4. Parasomnia not otherwise specified (sleep bruxism aka tooth grinding, REM sleep behavior disorder, sleep talking aka somniloquy, rhythmic movement disorder aka jactatio capitis nocturna, sleep paralysis not associated with narcolepsy and others) 

Let's say if a patient has sleep disorder, do you prescribe medication straightaway?

The answer is NO. Why?

Because, the first thing you have to advise patient is to practise SLEEP HYGIENE.

What is sleep hygiene? It is nonspecific measures to induce sleep.

You can advise patient to do these:
1. Arise at the same time daily
2. Limit daily in-bed time to the usual amount before the sleep disturbance
3. Discontinue CNS-acting drugs such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or stimulants
4. Avoid daytime naps, except when sleep chart shows they induce better night sleep
5. Establish physical fitness by means of a graded program of vigorous exercise early in day
6. Avoid evening stimulation, substitute radio or relaxed reading for television
7. Try very hot, 20-minute, body temperature-raising bath soaks near bedtime
8. Eat at regular times daily, avoid large meals near bedtime
9. Practice evening relaxation routines such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation
10. Maintain comfortable sleeping conditions

Source: Kaplan and Sadock's Pocket Handbook of Clinical Psychiatry Fifth Edition

I think I have to start practising sleep hygiene myself. My bed is sooo comfortable that I feel like sleeping all day longg. Hahahha.

Okie dokie. Enough lecture on sleep, now I have to go to bedd. But the problem is, now I don't feel like sleeping, because I just woke up from a 2-hour sleep! I have no one to blame but myself. Grr.

I'll watch a movie then! Oh oh have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2? The movie is awesome, rightt! I wish I can have my own pet dragon, a cute and fluffy one, a PINK one!

And and have you watched The Expendables 3? Side Effects? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The Maze Runner? The Guardians of the Galaxy?

I am soo going to practise sleep hygiene after this LOL

You...have a good night sleep! And regulate your sleeping pattern okehh :D


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bukit Panorama...Again.

This early morning, my sister, her friends and I went to Bukit Panorama. My third time, but it's their first. We departed from home at 530am. By 6.30am, we arrived at the mosque. After prayer, we started climbing.

If you want to use GPS to go there, search for Masjid Jamek Sungai Lembing. Bukit Panorama is just nearby, you can ask people around for the direction.

Sunrise! :O

Four of us

Posingg hehe 

One more one more

The sun is going up!

Wahhh so beautiful!

Enjoying the scenery

In memory

Sisterss :)  


Proper one.


Last picture on top of the hill

Come let's go backk

Hahahha nak jugakk

Walk walk

Almost there?

The journey.

We ate our breakfast at Medan Selera there. Mee Jawa and Laici Kang. We arrived home around 930am. I parked the car beside Adlin's little car. Here:

Adlin's Honda at the parking area LOL

Now I have to finish my work, because after this, at 140pm, Farah and I will go study at Coffee Library! Ops. The Library Coffee Bar!! :D

I am using my dad's laptop because I lost my mini notebook. And my Vaio laptop is being fixed. Luckily I saved all my work in my email.

Anywayy, you...have a good dayy!! :)