Sunday, January 05, 2014

A bit of Anaesthesiology

I should have started writing the case reports I know. But I just couldnt make myself to do it! 

Whyy Nurul Ain whyyy! Jadi rajin sikit boleh tak.

I spent the last few hours making, editing and uploading stuff instead. Hehehh.

So here. Sharing moments now start! :D

This is Bag Valve Mask, the equipment you use to provide oxygen to patient.
I've labeled them already, the picture I got from internet

This is an epidural set
What is the level spinal cord ends? L1-L2 in adults, right?
So if you want to insert the epidural needle, go below that level (L4-L5)!
Otherwise, you will injure the spinal cord - we dont want that to happen! 

This is Endotracheal tube (ETT), the one you insert into patient's mouth after you open his airway. It should go down until 3-5cm above carina (you can see the position in CXR).
Remember all these names, okay!

I had intubated a patient in GOT, under Dr.Fahmi's supervision!
It was quite a nerve-wrecking experience.

Haa..this is Venturi Mask! Colourful right?
You can choose which one you want to give to the patient, according to his oxygen need.

The mnemonics we should remember for long-term use
That is, if you plan to be a house officer later ;)

The explanation from IIUM book


And I present to you.....the Anaesthesiology book published by IIUM lecturers!
I love this book! :D
Dr.Basri is an Intensivist while Dr.Hadi is a Pain specialist.

The price is RM40

Personally I think every department in IIUM should have their own book published for students' use. I really really really value this Anaes book - as well as Ortho book (although it is not fully up to date - they are in the process of publishing a new one) but still - owning a medical book written by our lecturers makes me feel like it's already enough to read that one particular book to pass the exam. Hehehh ;)

I know I know. We should not learn just for the sake of exam. We should be sincere in learning, read from standard medical textbooks, be hardworking etc.

But still!

Okay okay fine. I guess it's time to start writing the case report then?

I'll do that in the morning okayy!

Or evening.

Or at night.


You have a good night and good morningg!!! :D

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