Friday, January 17, 2014

Dad's Post-op and Random Thoughts

1. Finished taking Radiology exam this morning. The questions were difficult. I wish we were given more time to answer though. But one good thing regarding the exam was that, after it finished, we had a discussion on the exam questions with Dr.Reem. That way, we can know what we answered wrong in the exam. I like that.

2. My Dad had been admitted to the ward for a minor operation. He'll be discharged tomorrow.

We went for a visit
Where is me????!!

Oh. There you are!
Tudung pun da senget bengett, apa daaa~

Recovering well :D

My sister ordered Domino's

7 Meat Wonders in Cheese Burst Double Decker was delicious!!

3. It's Thaipusam today. Saw these on my way to fetch my sister from ECM:
They were walking barefooted! :O

Their God

4. Crossed few things on the checklist. Got some more to do:
Go Go Ainn!! :D

5. I like to do my work alone, with no one bothering me (or be near me) when I am on the laptop. Chatting online is different though. I can multitask when it comes to thatt ;) Ahhh I want my own room! When can I get my own roommmmm

6. Random thoughts for today - Sometimes I dont understand guys. What do they want anyway?

7. There's a fine line when it comes to online chatting, especially on FB. You cannot chat frequently with someone else's boyfriend (or husband!) - dont be a bitch. You watch your words with guys younger (even a year younger!) than you - they are still kids. You dont start falling for someone who lives so far far away with obviously no chance of meeting you - that's just pathetic. You dont get emotionally attached to someone so easy - take it slow and get to know each other better. You cannot always trust a man.

8. Wow. Lots of 'rules' you have there. No wonder she is still single :P

9. So what? Do I look like I care? Hahahha

10. Stop wondering. Stop asking.

11. I just havent met him yet.

12. Oh. One more thing added to my wish list : Have a gay friend.

You have a good day, okayyy! Bubbyeeee :D  

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