Saturday, January 25, 2014

Of Interbatch Games 2014

So this week is all about IBG! :D

Our jersey and banners :)
*copied from our FB group*

The rules and regulations

Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Chess, Ping Pong, Badminton - Ive tried em all but am no good in any. Hahaha. Dodgeball is like bola beracun. Futsal? Hmmm never tried it yett.

After we finished with track competition, we went to see them playing Futsal

With friends and juniors :D

The result.
Kak Zara won the swimming competition yesterday, but there were some 'talks' disputing her winning status. Because it was supposed to be a 4x50m race (that means four swimmers in a team), but Kak Zara went solo. Thats because nobody else in our batch knows how to swim (well, some of us know how to, but not very good at it) so Kak Zara decided to compete alone. And we did ask the commitees - they were okay with it! So there shouldnt be any problem, right?

And regarding the track events. I competed in 100m race and ended up in third place. The junior who won second place was disqualified because she entered the wrong lane during the race. I heard that it wasnt her fault, because the runner besides her crossed over to her lane first - so she had to move to the other lane. 

At the end of story, I was brought to second place. And Syira got bronze. Winning a silver when someone else is disqualified? That doesnt feel right at all :( 
Made me laugh :D

Alaaaa...siannya diaaa...jangan laa sedih2, banyak2kan berdoa.... ;)
Next time cari yang tutup aurat tauu :P

Closing ceremony tonighttt. 

Going to take my sisters out after Zuhr. Gotta get readyyyy.

Byebyee youu! And go exercise a bitt!!! :D

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