Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Of Second Day in Radiology Posting

We have met the infamous Medical Officer in Radiology department HTAA. 

Don't mess with her. If you get scolded, pretend that you have no feeling.

Now moving on to....

Week 3 and Week 4 schedule

Rotation of the Radiologists
Basic book for undergraduate students
Found a very interesting book (owned by a Radiology student from UITM)
A Guide to Radiological Procedures
Barium and Gastrografin

Brother Izwan made a cup for us.
Barium tasted okay, but Gastrografin? Blerghhh.
We watched Mammogram being done

What are the basic positions in Mammography?
1. Craniocaudal
2. Mediolateral Oblique
3. Lateral
Can you guess what's inside?
It's IV Contrast solution - Omnipaque
We found these in fluoroscopy room
They should be stored at 40'C
Oh? Selfie is a must ;)
Muka terkejut. Haha
You have a GOOD dayy! :D

And don't forget to finish your case write-ups! ;)

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