Monday, January 20, 2014

Work Work Workkk

This evening I went to the pool with Kak Zara. She's going to compete in 4x50m swimming competition this Friday, so I thought of joining her practice (well more like playing in the pool). But let's just say that I were there for moral support, hehehe.

Kak Zara is a really good swimmer *impressed* 

I, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of her. Hahahha.

Over the fence is where we were ;)

I dont have pictures of us by the pool though. Because of the sexy swimming suits. Hahaha

Anywaysss, here's a graphic image as to how I look like right at this very moment: 
Tryingg to get some work done

My CWU OT - Prof.Ariff asked me to do some corrections.
I like how our lecturers correct us and give comments on what we did wrong on the report :)

Have a good dayy, youuuu!! :D

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