Friday, February 21, 2014

Of Dilated Pupils

It's been a week here - got one more week more before we finish this posting. One of the best thing in Ophthalmology is that we get to take lots of pictures for our e-logbook! :D

I've got several nice pictures to show, but here. One of my favourite. 
My friends in the Seminar room - practicing using Ophthalmoscope

It's a bit difficult to see the fundus if the eyes are not dilated. So I volunteered to DBE - Dilate Both Eyes.

Put a drop of each one into your eyes

Ida in action

Posing first

Wait for about 15 minutes and you get these!

Now ready for funduscopy!

Test subject :)

What happens after an hour or two?

More dilated pupil! So cool!

So big! :O
[click to enlarge]

Now I have to go attend IIMP class. 

You have a good dayyy!

And take care of your eyes well! :D

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Of Teluk Cempedak and Big Bad Wolf 2014

WiFi connection in our house is so bad that I have to use iium community to update this blog.

This is so last weekend's update. The picture that I posted on Instagram, here's more: 

My high-school friend Ezatul and I went to TC last Sunday

Beautiful beach!

Selfie! :D

We walked until there!

Nice view! So windyyyy

Wait wait hold on..

Now good? :D Still windyyyyy


No wind this time ;)

We have reached the other side of the beach

View from here

Waaaaahhhh! Kite-flying!! :D

Another one

Got a summon for 'Halangan di Laluan Awam'.
Parking depan 7 Eleven je ponnnn.... =..=''

 Now end of TC story. Here are some random pictures and videos:

Tengok apa tu Belang?

Exercising? :)

44-second clip

Adlin's note on her bedroom door


Sad song.. :(

Random note:

1. Currently, I am in my last specialised posting - Opthalmology. Most classes are held in Indera Mahkota campus. I kinda miss JHC.
2. I am now writing this in Musolla KOM while waiting for Zuhur prayer. Just next to me are two sisters eating their lunch. Ahhh I am hungryy.
3. People should be sensitive when it comes to eating in front of a fasting person.
4. People should NOT eat in Musolla - especially when there are many people inside.

I am taking a nap now. Byebyeeee

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Of Bowling and Dinner at New Horizon Garden

Last week, my sisters and I (and Adlin's friends) went to the Bowling Area

The map to the place - on the way to Megamall

It's near Mydin! You can see there's a big building there - Kuantan Plaza.

You have to use the entrance on the other side of the building, where you can see an elevator. Go up to the fourth floor.

And Tah-daaa!!!

Very cool place, I must say.

The lanes

Because we went there on Sunday, so the price for adults and kids are the same.
The bowling shoes cost RM2 each.

Are you readyyyy???

I am going now!! 

We are so NOT good in bowling, haha


With the kids

The receipt

On our way back, I saw this ad!

Spa! And Massage! For only RM50!
I wanna try those! Maybe later....

Then we went for dinner at New Horizon Garden.
It's located in front of Megamall - the rows of shops where you have Bank Muamalat, Ree's Skin and others.

The restaurant is famous for its Butter Prawn dish.
Ohhhhh so gooodd!! I am HUNGRYYYY!!

The receipt. A bit expensive, but worth it.

We love this restaurant, because they have Musolla area at second floor! :D

Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Part-time Tutor

I had read about this advertisement in Facebook few weeks ago.

Seems cool right?

So I sent my resume to Brother Syafiq, and got accepted to be a Tutor! How delightful! :D

I had started out last week. In this place - Akademi Al-Fateh in Balok Permai.

The tuition was held at a house

The housing area, less than 15 minutes away from my house

These are my students! :D
From left : Aisyah - 9, Fareez - 7 and Azril - 11
The other two students were absent due to personal problems, Nurina - 11 and Adlin - 9

In the last 2 week, I taught them English and Math.
But last Saturday, it was English and Bahasa Malaysia (I replaced Kak Halini as a tutor for BM)
Fareez is the talkative (and cute!) kid in the class

He showed me his B-Daman robot (it's a robot, right?) and told stories about all different kinds of B-Daman and Ultraman and monsters and more fascinating stories about his siblings, and parents etc.

The interior of the house

The entrance

The classroom

I like this particular room

Selfie! :D

Smile smile smile!

Thaaaat's much better! :D 

My tutor session with these kids is only on Saturday. I teach English, so please call me Teacher, okayyyy :P

Have a good dayy youuu!! :D