Friday, February 07, 2014

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

Initially we only planned to go to IKEA, but Adlin was really excited to go inside Kidzania - so my Dad said that we can go in the morning we were going back to Kuantan.

So at 10am last Sunday, my Dad dropped us (me, Adlin, Izzah, Bibik Aisyah) off at the building and then the rest of my family (my Mom, Dad, Jehan, Syakirah) went shopping at The Curve. 

Images below taken from Google and Kidzania Kuala Lumpur
Very easy to find the building - it's near to The Curve and IKEA Damansara.

What is Kidzania?

Entrance Fee
We bought 3 adult tickets (RM35 each) while Adlin's RM60.
Present your MyKad at the ticket counter

And here we are.....Kidzania!
The ticket counter

Cute cartoons

Map of Ground Level

Map of Upper Level 

The kid will be given a cheque that needs to be cashed in at CIMB Bank.
You will get 50 kidszos (currency used in Kidzania is kidszo)

The store where you can buy souvenirs




Independence Fountain

Chinese New Year celebration

The first activity that Adlin tried
15 kidszos needed if you wanna try this

Sushi King

Let's learn how to make sushi!

Ecececececehh ;)

We get to bring the sushi back home! :D

Kids pretending to be firemen

Fire! Fire!
The police boys and girls were there too!

Clenaing up the windows - be careful guys!

The salon that we (Adlin) didnt have the chance to get in
Now these are Travel Agency brochures that we made.
Yes, all of us took part in the activity, hehehehh

See? Told ya ;)

ps. Adults were not allowed to play in Kidzania okayy, but since Bibik Aisyah and I look younger than our age - so the kakak there let us play too

The kind kakak who brought us around Kidzania for sightseeing 

We went to see fashion show

The second activity Adlin tried : Make a Cadbury!!

Ahhhh chocolates!!!

The inside. She get to bring back home a bar of Cadbury too!

The last one was to make Lifebuoy liquid soap 

The inside

The postmen aka cute kids wearing Pos Laju costumes came in to deliver a package to abang Lifebuoy

So cute laa you guyss :D

Byebyeeeee! Happy workinggg!! :D

Ok. Back to Lifebuoy.

Disinfect the hands

Mixing the ingredients
Adlin get Kidszos (payment) after she finished working

Still got some more money left - for the next visit ;)
Oh. Wanna know what's inside the CD there?

Fast forward to 2:36 to watch Izzah reading weather news and 
go to 4:30 to watch me on Sports news (don't laugh!)

How can a 24-year-old female get to play inside Kidzania?

Wait - who's 24 again?

I SO look like 17 y'all :P


ps. Actually they can know which one of us is adult (18 above) and which one has kid's ticket (17 below) based on the watch that we wear (given at the ticket counter), so you cannot cheat when you wanna play the activities. Adults cannot play, only kids can.

Our mistake was that we bought Izzah an adult ticket (because it's cheaper!). She is only 15 and she can play if she wants to - and if we bought her the right ticket based on her age.

If you wanna play, next time buy a kid's ticket - and when they ask your age, say that you are 17!

So - in conclusion, Kidzania is a fun place to go (for kids!) and it's educational too! 

If I have kids some days - I will bring them to Kidzania! Totally!

So that's all for now - have funnnn!!! :D

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