Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Belang and Graduation Day

Bear with me - I am gonna write about Belang again.

Okay okay. A video this time. Let's watch a 2-minute video clip about him.

Sleepy after dinner. Go to sleep, Belang.

Oh yeah. This is my eldest sister who just had her graduation ceremony in Putrajaya today.

She is an ex medical student from Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

Her name is Sharifah Nur Afifah - born in June 1989, now age 25 - a year older than me.

She is single AND available. Come come, anyone interested? :D

I want a big brother who is tall and good-looking and friendly and charismatic and...(the list goes on and on and on..)

Hahaha, Just kidding. Just a guy who loves my sister and can take good care of her is fine by me :) 

What are the chances of a decent, single guy stumbling upon my blog and read this post and interested to get to know my sister? Hmmm...I would say, the probability is roughly about...1%? Too little? Maybe 5%? Hehehe 

Anywayyyy, if you happen to be that random guy - you can reach her at or contact her number 019-90997....oh wait a second - I can't give you her numberrr laaa :D

And one more thing - dont tell her that I gave you that email okayyy. Sssshhhh ;)   

Now all of you - have a lovely lovely day ahead!! :D

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