Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Of Bowling and Dinner at New Horizon Garden

Last week, my sisters and I (and Adlin's friends) went to the Bowling Area

The map to the place - on the way to Megamall

It's near Mydin! You can see there's a big building there - Kuantan Plaza.

You have to use the entrance on the other side of the building, where you can see an elevator. Go up to the fourth floor.

And Tah-daaa!!!

Very cool place, I must say.

The lanes

Because we went there on Sunday, so the price for adults and kids are the same.
The bowling shoes cost RM2 each.

Are you readyyyy???

I am going now!! 

We are so NOT good in bowling, haha


With the kids

The receipt

On our way back, I saw this ad!

Spa! And Massage! For only RM50!
I wanna try those! Maybe later....

Then we went for dinner at New Horizon Garden.
It's located in front of Megamall - the rows of shops where you have Bank Muamalat, Ree's Skin and others.

The restaurant is famous for its Butter Prawn dish.
Ohhhhh so gooodd!! I am HUNGRYYYY!!

The receipt. A bit expensive, but worth it.

We love this restaurant, because they have Musolla area at second floor! :D

Have a good day, everyone!

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