Friday, February 21, 2014

Of Dilated Pupils

It's been a week here - got one more week more before we finish this posting. One of the best thing in Ophthalmology is that we get to take lots of pictures for our e-logbook! :D

I've got several nice pictures to show, but here. One of my favourite. 
My friends in the Seminar room - practicing using Ophthalmoscope

It's a bit difficult to see the fundus if the eyes are not dilated. So I volunteered to DBE - Dilate Both Eyes.

Put a drop of each one into your eyes

Ida in action

Posing first

Wait for about 15 minutes and you get these!

Now ready for funduscopy!

Test subject :)

What happens after an hour or two?

More dilated pupil! So cool!

So big! :O
[click to enlarge]

Now I have to go attend IIMP class. 

You have a good dayyy!

And take care of your eyes well! :D

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