Thursday, February 20, 2014

Of Teluk Cempedak and Big Bad Wolf 2014

WiFi connection in our house is so bad that I have to use iium community to update this blog.

This is so last weekend's update. The picture that I posted on Instagram, here's more: 

My high-school friend Ezatul and I went to TC last Sunday

Beautiful beach!

Selfie! :D

We walked until there!

Nice view! So windyyyy

Wait wait hold on..

Now good? :D Still windyyyyy


No wind this time ;)

We have reached the other side of the beach

View from here

Waaaaahhhh! Kite-flying!! :D

Another one

Got a summon for 'Halangan di Laluan Awam'.
Parking depan 7 Eleven je ponnnn.... =..=''

 Now end of TC story. Here are some random pictures and videos:

Tengok apa tu Belang?

Exercising? :)

44-second clip

Adlin's note on her bedroom door


Sad song.. :(

Random note:

1. Currently, I am in my last specialised posting - Opthalmology. Most classes are held in Indera Mahkota campus. I kinda miss JHC.
2. I am now writing this in Musolla KOM while waiting for Zuhur prayer. Just next to me are two sisters eating their lunch. Ahhh I am hungryy.
3. People should be sensitive when it comes to eating in front of a fasting person.
4. People should NOT eat in Musolla - especially when there are many people inside.

I am taking a nap now. Byebyeeee

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