Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Pet Castle

Last week, we sent Belang to a boarding service in a pet shop in Kuantan for 2 nights because we were going to KL. My sister found this shop from Facebook, it is called Pet Castle. Their FB page here. The phone number : 0139513232 or 0129681891 or 0179686330.

It is located on the way to Gambang, from Giant Batu 3, Kuantan. Just give him a call, he'll tell you the direction. It opens from 10am till 8pm - everyday I think. Because the shop owners live in a house near to the shop.

Homestay for pets

Grooming Studio

The inside. Awwwwww :D

Ahhhhhh. Cute cats everywhere!

And THAT is Belang.
(nak jugakk aku enter frame~~ :P)

Like a BOSS.

Mata Bulat.

Have a good dayyy! And go find yourself a cat too! ;)

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