Monday, February 10, 2014

The Sick Belang

Last week we sent Belang to a private veterinar clinic because he was sick. It turned out that he had viral infection - Feline Parvovirus that is common in cats. It can be fatal.

We went to Jawhari Cat Medical Centre near Megamall area, besides Klinik Dr.Ko - yeah it was expensive.

Almost RM600 for 3 days of hospitalization + medication + procedures. Check this out:

The receipt

When I was told that the amount was that much, boy was I shocked. Seriously.
Oh. This is not Belang.

A random cat we happened to meet in the clinic - his/her name is Marble! :D

And above is the sibling - Comel

Ahaaa - THIS is Belang. Awwwwww he got an IV line on his right hand! (or leg!)

But he's sick :(

Awwwwww :)

Look here Belang, here here

Good boyyyy :D

Anywayyy, he is a bit better now

Not as active as usual - but no more vomiting blood or fever

We get to take care of him INSIDE our house! :D

Oh. This is us after our outing.
From left: Me, Jehan and Syakirah

You have a GOOD GOOD dayyy!! :D

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