Friday, March 28, 2014

Going Places in Kuantan Part 1

During the holiday, my sisters and I went to places around Kuantan: 

Welcome to Kuantan!

Hanging Bridge in Sungai Lembing, Kuantan River, Rainbow Waterfall, Teluk Cempedak and Cherating Beach

Nite Zoo! (Haven't had time to go yet)

Sungai Lembing Tunnel (not yet too!)

These are the four places that we went to:


Kite-flying! :D

The sandy beach

Group photooo :)


My sister's friends went with us

Searching for crabs

Having fun

The park


Welcome welcome

The map

Parking area

Funny photo LOL

Adlin with Ostrich!

Izzah, Adlin...and Gibbon! 





Fun activities

Recommended by Lonely Planet Guide Book!

Walking along the beach

Sand castle!


Beautiful beach

Two days left before classes start! Awwhhhhh

Anyway, you go out and have some fun okayy! Byebyee! 

My Best Friend's Wedding :D

My high school best friend Hana is happily married now! 

Here are some photos of their wedding last Sunday, 23/3/14:

GPS to help us find the way. Location : Felda Sungai Koyan 3, Raub

My sister and I starting our journey at 9am, and arrived at my friend's house at 1pm.

With the beautiful bride!

My high school friends - I haven't met them for 9 years!

Forever friends :D


Walking to the house~


Group photos before we went back home

See you soon!

The groom's side will be in Kuantan this Saturday - very near to my place!

Happy day, everyone! :D

Adobe Illustrator Course

I saw these short course programs offered by Kolej Komuniti Kuantan on FB. They offer one or two-day programs with minimal fees, and you will get a certificate too. So worth it!

[ open in new tab and zoom to enlarge ]

Their college in Kuantan (next to University College Shahputra)

Sijil Multimedia Animasi 3D :D

My sister and I registered for their Adobe Illustrator Course. 

We only paid RM10 (we did not get notes) for the 8.30am - 4pm course.

Entrance to the Lab :D

Encik Hairul Nizam and Encik Hafzil, lecturers in Kolej Komuniti Kuantan with 13 and 6 years of experience respectively

The Adobe CS6 collection! :O

Photo I took from their FB page

This is a must! ;)

One of the thing we learned - How to do Masking!

Our next course? - 2D and 3D Animation! Oh yeahh!! :D

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The House is Almost Ready! :D

It's really late, so I'll make this quick okay! :)

This is our house, still in renovation

Side view

Wet kitchen

Dry kitchen

Do I glow? Hahaha

Upstairs :)

Those four rooms

My room still havent finished yet

The front door and main living room

Prayer room on the right

Looking inside

The garage outside 

It's a mess!

Let's go upstairs!

Bibik mopping - yeahh I should go help I knoww, hehe

Help taking photo can? ;)

My turn my turn :D

Now the other balcony...

Can see the school from here

Hehehehe :)

Ohhh careful!

Looking outside - my parents at the garage area


Through and through

We don't have garden anymore.. :(

Can't wait to move into new house!

Anyway, almost 3am now. Have to sleep early (early?), tomorrow I have a wedding to attend in Raub!

You have a good dayyy! Byebyee! :D