Monday, March 03, 2014

Belang's New House

My sister Jehan insisted on a new house for Belang, so she persuaded my Dad to let us buy it.

I drove her to Jawhari Pet Store (near Jawhari Cat Centre) and bought this RM400 (after discount) house:

We had to assemble the parts ourselves

Don't worry, it's rather easy to do that

Almost done...

A little bit more..


Yeahh it's done!'s your new house!!

How do you like it?

You like it, right? Righttt?

There you go. A place of your own.

Awwwww. Start playing alreadyyy :)

Oh? What what?

We still play with him inside our house at least once a day though.

It feels good to finally have your own space, right Belang? :)

You have a good dayy!

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